Opinion: It’s too soon for Maurizio Sarri to leave Chelsea

Due to how everything is developing in the summer transfer market, we tell you why it’s too soon for Maurizio Sarri to leave Chelsea.

Despite the mediocre Premier League season that Maurizio Sarri completed on his first year at Chelsea, we believe it’s too soon for him to leave the Blues.

The Italian manager has taken too much abuse from several parts of the media after only one season in English football, the ‘Sarri-ball’ concept was something that he didn’t enjoy too much.

The Italian manager actually improved during the final months of the season, he got all the way to the third position in the League and reached the Europa League final.

This hasn’t been a terrible first year for Maurizio Sarri, the man could even finish the season with a medal around his neck.

The problem Sarri had to deal with over the last few months is more related to the poor treatment he’s gotten from the Blues’ board of directors.

The squad that Roman Abramovich runs is another example of a squad that lacks patient management, Sarri’s job has been in jeopardy for the better part of the season.

This is due to a combination of the pressure he gets from the owner, and the one he also gets from the media on a daily basis.

There have been some mistakes that Sarri has made throughout the season but he managed to get past them at this point.

Allegri’s sacking unleashed a hurricane.

Everything seemed perfectly fine for Maurizio Sarri until last week, he was finishing the season on a high note and he looked eager to manage for a second consecutive year.

The problems began when Juventus decided to sack Massimiliano Allegri last week, this is what unleashed the non-stop problems.

Maurizio Sarri sees this as an opportunity because he is one of the managers that Juventus approached to replace Allegri.

Sarri has always dreamed about coaching one of the biggest clubs from his country, Juventus is the most successful in the country’s history.

Turning down this chance could mean that he may never get an opportunity like this again, which is exactly the reason Allegri is considering the option.

Not every day does a manager like Sarri get the chance to coach one of the best clubs in the world, he also has the chance to coach one of the best players in history.

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According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Sarri will agree to leave Chelsea as long as he can get to keep Dybala and Pjanic.

Another condition that the Italian manager gave the Old Lady is to make Gonzalo Higuain return to the squad.

But Maurizio Sarri would make a major mistake if he leaves Chelsea this soon.

Sarri was another auteur manager in English football.

Just when English football was starting to get interesting again, Maurizio Sarri comes and possibly gives us the news that he is leaving.

The Italian manager had a good first season and things were only going to improve during his second year.

We were convinced that the Blues were going to become title contenders next season under Maurizio Sarri, he needed time to make his players understand his concepts.

This situation is very similar to the way everything worked with Pep Guardiola and Manchester City.

The Catalan manager needed a year to convey his ideas to all of his players, they got amazing results during his second year.

Sarri actually did a lot better than Pep during his first year, he can’t simply give up like this due to pressure or other offers after only one season.

Sadly for the Blues, the transfer ban from FIFA and Juventus’ offer ware the main reasons why Maurizio Sarri will most likely leave Chelsea this summer.

Winning the Europa League might not be enough to convince Sarri to stay at the club, we could be very close to watching Maurizio coaching Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus next season.

What can Chelsea do in order to convince Maurizio Sarri to stay at Chelsea next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


  1. Sarri is a phenomanal coach and Chelsea supporters and media are real idiots to critisize him all year along. He took Chelsea to CL and won EL. Amazing results with a pretty poor team of medium level players that are not able to create goal opportunities despite Sarri gives them the ball 60 per cent of the time. Napoli played fabulous football for 3 years while Chelsea failed to produce the Sarri Show. Shame also on Chelsea management which didnt protect him. Good luck to the new manager


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