Opinion: It’s too soon for Xavi to coach FC Barcelona

After retiring from football for good, we tell you the reason why it’s still too soon for Xavi Hernandez to become the FC Barcelona manager.

There have been constant pushes in Xavi Hernandez’s favor to become the new FC Barcelona manager, the fans crave for him to take the squad.

There is a general belief that due to Hernandez’s playing style, he could be an improved version of Pep Guardiola as a coach.

However, we believe that what the Manchester City manager went through is not normal.

There is no reason to believe that Xavi Hernandez will become as good as his former coach, we will tell you the reasons why we believe this.

The Catalan midfielder just retired from football at Al Saad last Thursday, he hung up his boots after winning a total of 31 trophies during his professional career.

This legendary midfielder has already finished his manager’s course to coach professional clubs but not even he thinks he is ready to take the leap this soon.

In order to understand the process that Hernandez could go through before coaching the Catalan club, it’s ideal to speak about what Pep Guardiola did during his career before starting his journey.

The Manchester City manager actually traveled to several countries to learn from their football culture before going back home.

Then he made an intense studying trip to speak directly with some of the wisest men in football.

Perhaps Xavi Hernandez doesn’t feel ready because there are a lot of pit stops he needs to make first in order to get ready.

Guardiola’s journey that Xavi could recreate.

The Manchester City manager decided to leave FC Barcelona when he was already a veteran in order to learn from other competitions.

His choice was to play in Italian football for a few years, a place where he learned about defensive football from a different perspective.

His next and final stop was Mexico of all places, Pep decided to follow manager Juan Manuel Lillo to Dorados from Sinaloa.

His time in Liga MX was short-lived but quite illuminating. Before Dorados quite like Xavi did, Guardiola also played in Qatar for two seasons.

Hernandez possibly took some advice from Pep in this regard before he decided to leave FC Barcelona.

The Catalan player still has a long journey to make before feeling ready to coach the club of his life.

In regards to mentors or people who can help him understand different concepts in football.

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Xavi Hernandez has been fortunate enough to not only have contact with many of them but also being coached by several.

Guardiola is only one of many great managers who taught him all he knows about the beautiful game.

The list extends to Louis van Gaal, Luis Aragones, Frank Rijkaard, Vicente del Bosque, among others.

Xavi explains why he still won’t manage FC Barcelona.

On the day of his retirement, Xavi Hernandez was actually questioned about his desire to coach FC Barcelona someday in the future.

The now-former player revealed that he is still not ready to take on a massive challenge without any previous experience.

“I still don’t see myself coaching Barcelona,” said Xavi via Goal.

“I can’t start my career as a manager of Barcelona’s first team, it isn’t normal.”

“I need to remain grounded and aware that I need to go through the proper process and burn stage by stage in my career.”

“I also know that I need to prove myself as a manager. This is a new chapter in my life that I’m starting from scratch, it would be rash from me to go back to Can Barça or take a first division club just like that.”

“I’m not only talking about coaching Barcelona, which is probably the biggest deal for any manager. We need to give it time.”

“I believe that Barcelona needs to dominate matches again. If they don’t do this, winning the Champions League will be impossible for them.”

“History tells us what needs to happen. Barcelona has already won the Champions League or La Liga when they are very dominant during a match.”

“During the current times, I really don’t think we are as dominant as we were before.”

When do you think is a good time for Xavi Hernandez to take the manager’s seat at FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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