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Opinion: Jack Grealish is a perfect fit for Manchester United

Jack Grealish
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We’ll tell you why we believe Jack Grealish is actually a perfect fit for Manchester United for the summer transfer window. 

Manchester United will be in dire need of a good playmaker such as Jack Grealish, the Aston Villa star. This English player has always been underappreciated. But his time is now as one of the Premier League’s most popular footballers.

There has been a recent report of the player being linked for a transfer next summer. In a different scenario, we wouldn’t recommend Jack to sign for the Red Devils. However, we are convinced that the Aston Villa star is actually a perfect fit for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad.

He would be coming to a club that desperately needs a player of his talents. But they can’t really afford the most expensive ones on the market. Jack Grealish is the perfect candidate to take on the playmaker’s role at Old Trafford for many reasons.

We will talk about the virtues he has that the Mancunian club lacks, and how he can help them improve as a team. Jack is one of those talents who appears once every generation. But he is still one step below the elite class. If he moves to a club with Manchester United’s history, this partnership would be beneficial for both sides. 

The Red Devils need a ‘Bad Boy’ like Jack. 

Grealish has developed a certain ‘Bad Boy’ reputation that doesn’t really suit him. The star is actually very disciplined. It wasn’t like that all the time. Jack went through a phase of adaptation to professional football.

Given that Aston Villa was a Championship squad, he was loaned to Notts County for a full season in 2013. All the managers who saw him practice agreed on the same point, Jack is a natural-born talent.

There haven’t been many playmakers in English football history with his level of talent. The last skilled name was Jack Wilshire, but he was never fortunate with injuries.

Grealish hasn’t suffered too much in that department, and this gave him a level of stability at Aston Villa in recent years. His development reached a level that even impressed the likes of Pep Guardiola from Manchester City.

But we believe Jack wouldn’t fit in any of these super squads. His position on the pitch doesn’t fit with today’s football. Jack’s ideal place is at a club that can use him as the key player in the middle and allows him to play at his own pace. 

Grealish is an endangered species. 

The classic playmaker role is a position that is almost extinct in football, he is one of the last remaining in the world. They were replaced by the natural winger that cut inside from either side of the pitch. Another example of this type of player with a slower pace and cadence is James Rodriguez.

These footballers are misunderstood creative minds that need to be the center of attention. Due to Manchester United’s limited roster, they could have a perfect solution to their problems in Jack Grealish. The Red Devils can’t afford to create a super team like Liverpool or Manchester City are doing right now.

The only other great player that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has is Marcus Rashford. The youngster could use a playmaker like Jack providing him assists. This situation is very similar to the early ’90s during the Ferguson era.

United was a club in dire need of a star who could think outside the box. They eventually got Eric Cantona to fill that role. Grealish is that type of player who can possibly save Manchester United from almost certain doom. 

Do you think Jack Grealish is the man to take Manchester United back to glory? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.