Opinion: James Rodriguez should play for Juventus FC

Let’s talk about the reasons why James Rodriguez playing for Juventus after Bayern Munich is actually a perfect idea for the Colombian player.

It was earlier this Wednesday that James Rodriguez’s father spoke about his son’s future and how moving to Juventus next summer would actually be a great idea for the Colombian midfielder.

We are going to have to agree on this one, we are going to talk about the several aspects of a possible James Rodriguez transfer to the Italian club that would be perfect for the player in regards to continuing his career.

First and foremost, the player himself would benefit from playing in one of the few clubs that are actually considered title contenders who can help him keep winning trophies at the highest level.

If the Colombian player entertained the idea of possibly moving to Juventus, this would be the third top club that would come after him throughout his career and that is not a bad resume to have under your belt.

The only pending assignment for the player would be to become one of his squad’s main stars, something that is way more possible playing for Juventus than playing for any of the other club’s he’s represented so far.

Because despite being in a star-studded place in Italy, James Rodriguez would finally be valued as the superstar that he is by manager Massimiliano Allegri.

Another aspect that would be very important for James Rodriguez is his previous relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, both star already shared a dressing room at Real Madrid and they formed a very special bond between the two of them.

The Portuguese player came to Juventus to continue his already impressive career and hopes that he can keep winning titles, but he knows that the Vecchia Signora can’t do it if they don’t have more players like him or James Rodriguez.

If the club’s management asked Ronaldo about the Colombian midfielder, the Juventus star would ask them to sign him in a heartbeat because he knows the type of skills he has are very rare to find in football.

If this chance to play in Serie A turns out to be possible, James Rodriguez would finish his loan contract with Bayern Munich next summer and he would have to deal with Real Madrid, it’s still not clear if Los Blancos want James to go back to the club but the player won’t accept returning to a place where he is not going to feature regularly.

The player staying in Germany seems less likely by the minute, him not getting any minutes to play for Bayern is something that has pushed him to urgently crave for a new challenge somewhere else.

James just offered an interview to Bild about his future, the player is already sure that he only has four months on his contract and he intends to keep thinking about Bayern for that period of time.

However, the player is already looking forward to the day when he can end his loan in order to start looking at all the offers that are coming his way through his agent.

Juventus coming after James Rodriguez is also a good option for the player because he would come to a club where they take extra special care of veteran players, which means he could extend his career for several years at the club.

“I am currently training hard in order to play,” said James on the interview.

“I need to remain calm and stay in good shape for the day in which I can help the team again. The manager is the one who decides who gets to play.”

“I have to train well so when I play, I can do it in the best possible manner. I still have four months on my contract with this club. Right now, all I can think about is Bayern Munich.”

“I do belong to Real Madrid but I am here now to help this club. We are going to have to fight in the Champions League. We are Bayern Munich and we have to keep trying.”

“We must stick together and then we will see what happens. We have to always be ready for anything. The probabilities for the games against Liverpool are 50-50.”

Do you think Juventus could be a good fit for James Rodriguez, or which club would you like better for him? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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