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Opinion: James should always start for Real Madrid

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After yet another impressive performance, we tell you the reason James Rodriguez should always start for Real Madrid.

James Rodriguez started another match on the bench when Real Madrid played against Granada last weekend.

The Colombian playmaker still hasn’t convinced Zinedine Zidane that he is one of the best options he has on the attack.

The French manager didn’t even hesitate to take him out of the team after getting a small knock in a previous match.

The manager didn’t even bother asking James if he was ready to practice the next day, which he was.

The game against Brugge was extremely important for Los Blancos, they were playing at the Bernabeu against one of the “easiest” clubs in the group.

Rather than use a fully recovered James for this match, his decision was to leave him out of the loop and not even include him on the call-up list.

Zidane left the Colombian and Gareth Bale out of the squad, and Real Madrid got that unexpected result against a modest team.

Some of us were naive enough to think that the coach was saving James to play against Granada, but he didn’t include the player in the starting XI either.

Rodriguez didn’t come on the pitch until the final 10 minutes of the match, which is already a clear indicator that Zidane still doesn’t fully trust him.

It looks like James will be going against the current once again, these final minutes against Granada were very important for him.

With the game already in a tough spot, Real Madrid needed a player who could bring them back to relaxing about the result.

Zidane decided to use James during the final minutes without expecting him to do much, he didn’t have a lot of time to work with.

However, the Colombian proved the manager wrong once again. The fans are completely surrendered to James, they all want him to keep playing for the club and they want Zidane to see reason.

Nobody can deny that Rodriguez is one of the best players that Real Madrid has at the moment, anybody who doesn’t see it is completely blind.

James needed only a few minutes to leave his impression, he scored the goal that his team needed in order to stop suffering against Granada.

During his celebration, the star took off his jersey and shared a very special moment with all the fans.

The Real Madrid supporters are convinced that this is the player who might help them compete to win titles this season, but they also need to convince Zidane.

We honestly have no idea what else does James need to do in order to earn the manager’s trust once and for all, he is doing everything in his power to do so.

This goal served Real Madrid to remain at the top of La Liga table, which is the competition that Zidane wants to win this season.

James won’t travel to Colombia.

In case you didn’t know, we have another international break over the next two weeks.

There are many players who already made their trip to represent their countries, but James Rodriguez made another shocking decision.

The star spoke directly with Carlos Queiroz about his situation, he wanted to remain in Madrid getting ready for the upcoming matches after the break.

The idea is for James to keep fighting in order to gain Zidane’s trust, he will return to Colombia after that.

The manager told James that he doesn’t have anything to prove in his country and he supported the decision.

This has to be regarded as a new gesture that obviously puts Real Madrid interest above anything else, what else should James do in order to convince Zidane?

We will get to see the Colombian player in a more controlled environment that will give us a better understanding of what he can achieve during training sessions.

This is the key moment for him to finally earn that trust from the gaffer, because he already has all the fans on his side.

We know James has a lot of competition within the squad, but he needs to at least be considered one of the best options that Los Blancos have.

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