At least in accomplishments, we believe that Joao Felix truly has everything to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo during his professional career.

The few matches that Joao Felix has managed to complete for Atletico Madrid have given us a good idea of how much he can emulate Cristiano Ronaldo.

The youngster was the one who earlier stated that he would like to be as great as the Juventus star, but manager Diego Simeone doesn’t think his player is anything like CR7.

Perhaps the Argentine manager didn’t get the message that Felix was trying to convey, we will gladly explain what we understand that Felix was saying in this opinion piece.

For the young Portuguese player, growing up in his country gave him a pretty good example in Cristiano Ronaldo.

The idea of someday becoming important for his national team and in world football, has to be one of the most appealing targets that any young Portuguese player has when they start their path to the top.

In regards to a debut season, only Joao Felix has rivaled Cristiano Ronaldo’s first years as a professional.

The first season he had with Benfica is a lot more prolific than the one Ronaldo had, the Juventus star only scored 5 goals during his debut with Sporting CP.

Scoring 20 goals on your first season is something that very few players have been able to accomplish before, this was the first sign that Felix is a special player.

All the pundits who called out Atletico Madrid for spending €120 million for a teenager, should know that these giant clubs don’t simply spend money on players they don’t know.

The Colchoneros have been following Joao Felix all season, they have been studying his behavior and his predisposition to get injured.

The comparisons between Felix and Ronaldo should stop at the fact that they are both from Portugal, they are nothing alike when it comes to their style of play.

Cristiano comes from the world-famous school of wingers at Sporting CP, whereas Felix is a rare find of a creative playmaker who has an unusual capability to score many goals.

Joao plays down the middle and he can associate himself with the strikers upfront, Ronaldo was always a right-winger and he evolved to later become a centre-foward.

If we would compare Felix to any other great player in the world, we could say that his style of play resembles more to Ricardo Kaka’s.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, Serie A

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But Felix does bring a very fresh approach to this specific playmaker role, he has a skill that very few players possess at such a young age.

We can easily tell you that as long as injuries stay away from him, Joao has everything to emulate Ronaldo’s accomplishments but do it in a different manner.

Felix and Mbappe, the players of the future.

The skill that we are talking about can be identified in very few youngsters throughout history, people like Leo Messi or Cesc Fabregas had it when they were starting their careers.

We are talking about that skill of becoming omnipresent and showcase their skills effortlessly.

Both against Real Madrid and the MLS All-Star teams, you can easily tell when Joao Felix was on the pitch due to how smoothly he moved through the field.

It is almost as if he was gliding on it, he didn’t seem like he was making an effort and yet he was always close to the ball.

Players like he or Kylian Mbappe, are part of the new generation that seems more evolved and equipped to play football.

We don’t think Joao is anything like Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has the potential to be compared with the star if he ever reaches his true potential.

Both Felix and Mbappe should be the players who take over from Messi and CR7 in the next decade, they are the future in football.

We only hope that neither of them suffers a terribly injury, that would be a major tragedy for everybody who enjoys watching great players do their work.

How far can Joao Felix take his career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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