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Opinion: Jose Mourinho brought this bad rep upon himself

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With all the offers that Jose Mourinho is getting recently, we need to talk about the reason why we believe he brought this bad rep upon himself.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Jose Mourinho didn’t have the bad rep he has today and he was still one of the best managers in the world.

What is currently happening to the Portuguese manager tends to happen to many great professional managers.

There are very few coaches who maintain a certain level of excellence, and Jose Mourinho certainly hasn’t.

This man went from being considered ‘The Special One’ to being considered an average coach, Mou can’t keep living off his own CV.

Even if he wants to manage one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, the reality is that many of the institutions that were options for him have rejected the chance of having Jose as their new coach.

Clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea FC, and even Porto believe that Mou is no longer at the top of the food chain.

When he came out of Internazionale Milano, Mourinho was at the peak of his powers and we all considered him the best manager in the world.

I mean, the man completed the single biggest upset in modern football history at the club level.

Eliminating Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona when they were at their best is something that only he was able to accomplish.

Where it all went wrong for Jose Mourinho.

Things started to become twisted when Jose Mourinho made the rash decision to coach Real Madrid, this is what started messing with his mind.

Winning the treble at Internazionale certainly didn’t help him as well, he began thinking that he was one of the best managers ever.

However, the reality is that Jose Mourinho isn’t even considered as one of the Top 10 managers in football history.

This Portuguese man still hasn’t understood that winning trophies is not the most important thing in football, a great manager needs to leave a legacy behind him.

When he agreed to coach Real Madrid, Mou only thought about winning the trophies above Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona.

Instead of creating a game philosophy and making an impact, this coach preferred to think about victories without caring how he won.

Instead of worrying about these essentials, Jose wanted to create a hostile environment between his players and the Barcelona camp in his own benefit.

Jose never cared about the relationships that these players had in their respective national teams, all he cared about was winning no matter the cost.

His experience at Real Madrid was where this manager began creating his bad rep amongst players.

By the time he returned to Chelsea once he realized he wasn’t liked in the Spanish capital, Mourinho came back to London with a very different demeanor.

Thinking he was arguably the best manager in football history, Mou didn’t imagine he was digging his own grave.

Even though he kept winning trophies for the Blues and at Manchester United, it was evident that Mourinho lost his touch with the players.

The biggest mistake a manager can make is thinking he is more important than the players, this is where Jose doesn’t get it.

Now that he’s destroyed his reputation amongst the biggest clubs in the world, this man is getting offers from clubs such as Newcastle United or from the Chinese Super League.

The Portuguese coach still hasn’t realized that he is no longer inside the elite managers of today, he couldn’t reinvent himself as any great manager should do and that’s his ultimate downfall.

Truth is that Mourinho brought this bad rep upon himself, he can still write his wrongs but that would require him to accept his mistakes.

Jose is not a man who accepts his own mistakes, his ego will never let him do that.

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