Opinion: Jose Mourinho doesn’t trust Zidane’s capabilities

After losing the Real Madrid job once again, Jose Mourinho hinted that Zinedine Zidane might not be able to succeed with Los Blancos this time around.

Jose Mourinho has been quite unfortunate when it comes to landing that dream job that he always desires, it happened to him back in 2008 with Pep Guardiola and it just happened to him last week with Zinedine Zidane.

The Portuguese manager is one of the most successful coaches in modern history, but there is no question that he has really struggled to take the clubs with the bigger tradition of winning important trophies.

Whenever Jose Mourinho doesn’t get things his way, is the moment in which we get the most incendiary version of himself because he simply can’t control his words when he isn’t happy about something.

Mourinho doesn’t really have a relationship with Zinedine Zidane, he revealed that he believes it’s perfect that he got the job and denied having any direct contact with the club.

However, inside information that Ronaldo.com could gather from a source at Real Madrid, revealed to us that president Florentino Perez really did consider Mourinho as an option if Zinedine Zidane said no to him.

Fortunately for Los Blancos, the Frenchman was eager to return to the club and Jose Mourinho ended up with nothing again.

Now that he knows that he will remain without a job for the rest of the season, Jose is back doing his appearances in the press and he was recently interviewed by Russia Today about Zinedine Zidane’s appointment as the new Real Madrid manager.

In Mourinho’s words, we could hear a man who clearly isn’t happy with the decision from president Florentino Perez and he wanted to low-key express that he doubts Zidane will have the same success with a new project as he did during his first spell with Los Blancos.

It’s obvious that the Frenchman has a massive challenge ahead of him with this second spell, Mourinho compared his second spell at Chelsea and had to brag about him winning the Premier League again with the Blues.

Basically, Jose Mourinho is using the exact same rhetoric that he deployed when he spoke about how easy coaching FC Barcelona was for Pep Guardiola.

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The Portuguese manager thinks that it’s not the same building a squad from scratch than taking one that’s already been put together, he gave himself credit for Zidane’s success in the most Mourinho way possible. Classic Jose Mourinho.

“Another point that will be quite curious is now he has to build a team,” said Mourinho on RT.

“He got a team that was basically playing together for years, with a base that was there for years, coached by one, two, three experienced managers.”

“And then he had his touch, his know-how, he had his fantastic feeling, and he got amazing results. I think this time it’s a different challenge for him.”

“I did it at Chelsea. By one side, you know the club – instead of going to a club and spending time learning [about] the club you got to a club you already know, you meet many of the players that you already know.”

“So by that perspective it’s easier. But you cannot forget what you did before and the people don’t forget what you did before.”

“And the people see things that you can do that you did before. So when I went to Chelsea, I went with that responsibility of, ‘I have to win the Premier League again’.”

“I think in this case, Zidane going back to Real Madrid, of course one of the reasons why people go back to clubs is because clubs they know what you can deliver, and they expect you are going to do the same.”

“So I think people will not forget the work he did there and they will want more. So I think that’s the little bit of pressure.”

What do you think about Jose Mourinho’s salty comments about Zinedine Zidane? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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