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Opinion: Jose Mourinho should wait to coach until next year

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After looking at Jose Mourinho opening up to the world over the last week, we still think he should wait to coach until next season.

As a follow-up to the career that Jose Mourinho stopped in its tracks when he was sacked by Manchester United, we need to remind people that he is still not fit to coach again.

There has been a narrative from Spain that is being pushed by several media outlets, specifically the ones that talk about Real Madrid the most.

The situation between Los Blancos and Zinedine Zidane is getting to a breaking point where the French manager could resign.

Pressure at a club such as Real Madrid when results aren’t coming their way can be overwhelming.

This is actually the most difficult times that ‘Zizou’ has ever experienced as a professional coach, which is why the press is already trying to kick him out of his position.

The media considers that the manager isn’t doing a great job right now, they believe his decisions are wrong and they somehow think that Jose Mourinho can do a better job.

This only leads us to confirm that football has no memory, there is no way that Jose Mourinho has learned from the many mistakes he made in just a few months.

The Portuguese manager needed at least a full year to think about his new approach, but the football machinery is not letting him think about anything.

We understand that he misses football, but Jose needs to think about his career.

We know that he won’t accept a job that doesn’t involve one of the best clubs in the world, we also know that there are some clubs that simply won’t take him back.

Institutions such as Chelsea or Manchester United are no longer options for Mourinho, he burned his reputation with them many times over already.

Real Madrid is a very different situation, as Florentino Pere still remains confident that Jose could someday return to coach Los Blancos.

Frankly, watching him train is not such a bad idea but the man needs to get even more rest than he already has.

It’s not just about thinking over his strategy, Jose Mourinho also needs to see if he can still trust his working staff and make the pertinent modifications for his new project.

It may not be only he who is wrong here, the approach needs to be analyzed thoroughly from every possible angle.

We are convinced that after that first try as Real Madrid’s manager, Jose won’t want to waste a new opportunity when it gets presented to him.

For now, the man needs to respect that Zinedine Zidane is still in charge of the club and keep working on his new project without thinking too much about the possibilities.

All the talk about him possibly returning to Spain are exciting, but they shouldn’t phase Mourinho from his ultimate goal.

Real Madrid is Mourinho’s most proud moment as a manager.

Nobody can blame Jose Mourinho for what he recently said about Real Madrid, he honestly considers Los Blancos as the biggest accomplishment of his career.

Being able to win La Liga title against the best FC Barcelona in history is something that only he made possible.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a manager who also won the Treble with Internazionale Milano against the same FC Barcelona, but winning a title at Real Madrid is a unique experience.

Another problem that can present itself if he decided to go back, is how divided the fans were when he left.

This was basically a split decision between the ones who approved of his sacking and the ones who were outrages he was leaving in the first place.

There is a general belief that players in modern football tend to have more control of their clubs, which is something that Mourinho doesn’t condone when he is the manager.

He is a coach who won’t become friends with any player, except the ones who work hard and listen to his every command.

Bottom line is that we would love for Jose to coach again, but he needs to wait a little longer before he does it.

How much longer should Jose Mourinho wait in order to coach again? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.