Opinion: Jose Mourinho’s return to Inter is a very bad idea

We’ll tell you why Jose Mourinho’s possible return to Internazionale Milano strikes us as a terrible idea for his upcoming future as a manager.

After leaving Manchester United through the back door, Jose Mourinho is reportedly planning his imminent return to Internazionale Milano as soon as next season and his plot is to return the Nerazzurri to the top of European football.

To those who don’t remember, the Portuguese manager actually reached the highest level as a manager when he was the Inter boss and he keeps the fondest memories of his career with the Italian club.

In fact, the club today is far from the prestigious institution it was when Mourinho left the club at the very top of the world with a treble and dominating European football.

The Portuguese manager left alongside owner Massimo Moratti and his family, the people who facilitated the Portuguese manager’s dominion over the transfer market in Italy for as long as he remained the club’s manager.

Now the squad is under new management from Asia, there are several interests involved in the dynamic of this institution and they are also competing against a dominant Juventus that just signed Cristiano Ronaldo last summer and it’s threatening to keep owning the country with this all-time great.

According to a very interesting report from newspaper Libero, manager Luciano Spalletti has already lost the dressing room’s confidence and he will leave the club very soon in order to leave the hot seat to another manager who comes with fresh ideas.

This has been regarded as a perfect opportunity for Jose Mourinho and his agent Jorge Mendes to slide into the negotiations, the plan is to use the nostalgia that the manager has with the fans as a selling point and that can serve as a decisive factor to lend him this new job.

Even Jose Mourinho already started his campaign to sign for his former club on television, the Portuguese manager has already appeared on BeIN Sports talking about how much he remembers those glory days with Inter and why he loves the institution so much.

The Italian publication also talks about Mendes already in talks with the club’s owners, which would bring Mourinho back in action as soon as Inter decides to sack Spalletti.

If they decide to change management before the end of the season, Jose Mourinho would take over immediately and he would effectively come out of his free time that was very well-deserved.

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The reason we believe this is a very bad idea is very simple, we honestly think that Jose Mourinho hasn’t learned from the same mistakes he’s been repeating since he coached Real Madrid and continued to make for Chelsea or Manchester United.

The Portuguese manager still has the impression that he didn’t do anything wrong and his methods are still the best way to go about coaching a professional club in the modern era, Mourinho will find the same types of obstacles at Inter and he will also struggle with at least some of the stars of the club.

Not taking a full year off after the fiasco at Manchester United is turning into another recipe for disaster, but Jose Mourinho won’t listen to the people who actually would love to watch him performing at his very best because he truly is one of the all-time greats in this beautiful sport.

The man won’t change his mind until he really hits rock bottom, which will come on the day he finally realizes that he is wrong on so many things and he shouldn’t reevaluate several aspects of his coaching methods.

But let the man fall down as many times as he must, that is the only way he will learn from his own mistakes.

Why do you think Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to listen to constructive criticism about his outdated coaching methods? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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