Opinion: Josep Maria Bartomeu should’ve fired Valverde

After Josep Maria Bartomeu’s ratification of Ernesto Valverde as the Barcelona manager, we tell you why this was a major mistake for the club.

FC Barcelona is about to finish a relatively successful season but still a failed one, and yet Josep Maria Bartomeu ratified Ernesto Valverde on the job.

We spoke about the many mistakes that the Spanish manager made during this season, he failed on the same defensive aspects compared to last season.

We could easily spot many of the blatant defensive deficiencies that Barcelona committed during the series against AS Roma last season again vs Liverpool.

The fact that the manager didn’t get to motivate the players enough to at least not make the same mistakes revealed that he is the one responsible for this new elimination.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has been making the same mistakes as always since he took control of the squad after Sandro Rosell stepped down.

This new failure is just as much Bartomeu’s fault as it is Valverde’s, but very few people dare to criticize the club’s president.

A similar situation happens with Florentino Perez, who also makes many mistakes at Real Madrid and nobody dares to talk about them in public.

Bartomeu misses a great opportunity.

When Barcelona was eliminated from the Champions League this season, many of us assumed that Valverde would be wise enough to step down himself.

The options that Bartomeu had to replace the Txingurri manager were limited but very interesting.

The most viable one was Xavi Hernandez, the Catalan former Barcelona player who just finished his studies to become a coach in Qatar.

The legend is actually a risky bet for FC Barcelona due to his inexperience but he was the most preferred choice for all the Barcelona supporters.

The second option was Ajax manager Erik ten Hag, he is actually the one who is considered the most attractive choice as the new Barcelona manager.

The season he just completed with the Dutch giants was nearly perfect if they hadn’t been eliminated by Tottenham in the UCL semifinals.

Ten Hag just won the 34th Eredivisie title for Ajax last Wednesday and made history with the club.

Although he confessed that he doesn’t want to leave the club, an offer from FC Barcelona would’ve at least made him consider his future.

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These two were the more realistic options that the Catalan club had, and then there was a more surreal option for them.

The Ronald Koeman opportunity.

We reported on this a little while ago, FC Barcelona was actually thinking about bringing Ronald Koeman to replace Ernesto Valverde.

The Netherlands’ manager is arguably the more experienced choice to coach the Catalan club and he already has a bond with the institution.

However, his current commitment with his national team is what prevented the negotiations to go any further for Ronald.

This might be the reason why president Bartomeu confirmed that the Spanish manager would remain in his position for next season.

We honestly believe that the club’s chairman made a terrible mistake. Valverde will keep making the same errors next season and another year without Messi winning the Champions League will pass in Barcelona.

We can’t forget that we are currently living the very last years of the Argentine player performing at the top of his game.

The club needs to sign a manager who can create an environment in which he can feel comfortable and wins another Champions League.

Perhaps this decision fro Bartomeu was final, but everything can change overnight if Valverde doesn’t start next season on a good note.

Do you think Ernesto Valverde should remain as the Barcelona manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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