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Opinion: Keylor Navas deserved a lot more at Real Madrid

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We believe that Keylor Navas didn’t deserve to be treated in such a deplorable manner by Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez.

There is no other way to look at this situation, Keylor Navas always received the worst possible treatment from Florentino Perez at Real Madrid.

We won’t go into many details that we’ve already discussed before, all we can say is that we always believed that Perez never liked Keylor Navas for Real Madrid.

We refuse to pinpoint the specific reason behind Perez’s decision, and we encourage you to make your own conclusions.

We will only state the facts about Navas’ turbulent time as a Real Madrid player, a goalkeeper who was part of the most successful Los Blancos’ squad in the club’s modern history.

Keylor always delivered the results that were demanded from him, he became one of Zinedine Zidane’s most preferred players and he helped his teammates win three consecutive Champions League titles.

But regardless of these evident results, Florentino wanted to replace Navas from the very beginning of his career at Real Madrid.

The chairman tried to use him as a trading chip up to four times, with the last one working completely after sealing a trade with PSG for Alphonse Areola.

In the end, the house is the one who always wins. Florentino finally got his wish, and we believe that Keylor Navas deserved a lot more respect than the one he got from Perez.

The fax incident with Manchester United.

In Florentino Perez’s mind, he always has a clear vision of what he wants the Real Madrid squad to be. There was a time when David de Gea was considered the best goalkeeper in the world, which made Perez go after his transfer by any means necessary.

During the 2015 deadline day, Keylor was immediately told that he would be traded to Manchester United for the Spanish goalie.

This was the first time that Navas was treated like garbage by the president, but the deal fell through after a fax machine mishap.

The embarrassment from Florentino was major throughout Europe, Manchester United completely mocked him and Navas got his sweet revenge by winning the next three Champions League with the club.

But Perez didn’t seem to care about this goalkeeper’s successful run with Los Blancos, he decided to use him as another trading card when he attempted to sign Kepa Arrizabalaga from Athletic Club.

The initial plan was to sell Navas to the highest bidder, and then pay some of Kepa’s transfer with that money.

The problem that Florentino encountered here was Zinedine Zidane, who was always on Navas’ side when Perez wanted to drop him from the squad.

This disagreement between manager and president was one of the main reasons ‘Zizou’ left the club.

Once Zidane wasn’t around, Florentino could finally complete his bidding and try to kick Keylor out of the squad for good.

The plan was to sign Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea and slowly kick the Costa Rica international out of the club, something that didn’t work at first.

By the time Zidane returned, Keylor was the Frenchman’s first option again and Perez found himself at odds with the manager once more.

The confrontation between these two ended up tiring Navas, who just decided to leave Los Blancos in order to get his own peace of mind.

Florentino finally got what he wanted, he kicked Keylor Navas out of Real Madrid despite everything the goalie did for the squad.

We may never understand the reasoning behind Perez’s determination to get rid of Keylor, and we may never get a straight answer for it.

All we can do is speculate about the chairman’s reasons, but we can already tell you that Florentino doesn’t look good with the way in which he behaved against the goalkeeper.

Many Real Madrid fans are disgusted with the way this man was treated all the time, they demand an explanation but they may never get it.

You know why? Because Florentino is the boss and he feels like he doesn’t owe anybody an explanation.

Why do you think Florentino Perez treated Keylor Navas so poorly? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.