Opinion: Kylian Mbappé alone isn’t enough vs Man United

Things seem quite tense for PSG as they march towards next week match against Man United at Old Trafford, Kylian Mbappé alone won’t be enough.

Judging on how well Man United has performed in the last 11 matches since manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took control of the squad, we can already tell you that Kylian Mbappé won’t be enough for PSG to compete against the Red Devils.

We say this because Paris Saint-Germain didn’t only lose Neymar due to an injury a few weeks ago, they also appear to have lost Edinson Cavani this Saturday on PSG’s Ligue 1 victory against Bordeaux.

The moment occurred just three minutes before half-time when a penalty was awarded for PSG and Cavani prepared to take the shot from the spot, the Uruguay international struck the ball too hard and he felt pain on his thigh muscle right after scoring the goal.

The player immediately felt something was wrong, he dropped himself to the ground clearly upset because he knew that something serious was happening.

When the half-time whistle was heard, manager Thomas Tuchel immediately approached Cavani to ask him about the injury and the sensations weren’t good.

The fears got confirmed immediately after all the players went back to the pitch for the second half, Edinson Cavani was getting replaced by Kylian Mbappé and going straight to the hospital for further exploration.

Right after the match ended, manager Thomas Tuchel spoke to the press about this concerning scenario for the French squad and revealed details about Cavani’s injury.

“Not good news. Perhaps it is not the main muscle [thigh], but one nearby. In any case, we must wait,” said Tuchel via Sky Sports after the match.

“I have not seen Edi yet, nor the doctor. For Manchester United, I do not know yet, I simply do not know.”

“If he comes off, obviously I am worried. Striking the ball and having to come off is concerning. If Edi is not there in Manchester, of course it is big.”

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“Yes, there has been a lot of bad luck – we do not have a second Edi, or Neymar.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if he will be here on Tuesday. If he leaves us at half-time, I’m afraid it’s serious. The sight of the injury worries me. It is definitely not a good sign.”

As we wait for a further report on Cavani’s injury, we have to talk about what’s coming for PSG only a few days from now.

Everything has drastically changed from the moment Paris Saint-Germain was drawn against Manchester United to this Saturday, the Red Devils weren’t even close to the incredible squad they are today and PSG was demolishing the competition regardless of who they faced.

Injuries have been very unfortunate for the French squad from the beginning of 2019, this has been the main problem for them and perhaps the reason they might get eliminated by Manchester United in the Champions League.

They not only have Neymar and Cavani injured, but they have also just recovered Marco Verratti from another injury and he isn’t exactly in top form to play a game of this magnitude.

Everything will have to fall on Kylian Mbappé’s lap as it appears, the French wonder kid is one of the best players in the world but he is definitely not prepared for a challenge this massive.

Facing against this Manchester United squad would be daunting even for more accomplished players like Messi or Ronaldo, Mbappé will have to face these Red Devils practically on his own.

What would you think if Paris Saint-Germain defeats Manchester United at Old Trafford with goals scored by Kylian Mbappé? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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