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Opinion: La Liga must give El Clasico’s win to Real Madrid

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Due to how grave the situation is in Catalunya, we believe La Liga should award Real Madrid with El Clasico’s victory and 3 points. 

La Liga’s El Clasico started as the most anticipated match of the year in Spanish football, just like every year.

However, the political unrest that is currently happening in Catalonia has deformed this football event.

As it was scheduled in the beginning, this game was supposed to take place in October.

But as problems started emerging within the political climate. La Liga decided to postpone it to December 18.

It was believed that the Catalan independence supporters would try to use this match to voice their opinion on the international stage.

La Liga refused to allow this to happen and decided to move the date.

For some reason, the tournament’s officials believed that this problem would be solved by December. But they were wrong.

This issue won’t go away unless the Spanish government takes some kind of action.

There are several movements at play from the political phenomenon that is taking place in Catalonia.

Known as the ‘Democratic Tsunami’. This movement is taking the lead on the protests and public events that are demanding for justice to be served on the political prisoners.

Their intention is to use El Clasico as a better way to let the world know what’s going on inside the country of Spain. 

FC Barcelona is allowing this to happen. 

The local police in Barcelona started expressing their concern over December 18’s El Clasico match.

They only have 7,000 elements to prevent a tragedy from taking place outside of Camp Nou Stadium.

‘Tsunami Democratic’ already has a good 20k people ready to go out and protest.

They are even willing to go to extreme lengths in order to make their voices heard. They would even jeopardize Real Madrid players’ own safety.

This is what concerns La Liga the most, which is why new options are already being discussed.

The main culprit of this happening is FC Barcelona, the club’s board that is.

The players are not to blame for this mess because they don’t really have a voice on the matter.

However, president Bartomeu has always been a supporter of the Catalan independence. He’s always allowed the people to express themselves at Camp Nou.

He is the one who always had the power to cancel all these protests and think about FC Barcelona as a football club.

Sadly, the squad’s board members have historically supported this Catalan independence movement in all its forms throughout history. 

The solution is quite simple. 

Since there are already many propaganda tools that are starting to surface ahead of this match. It has become clear that El Clasico is in danger again.

There is a good chance that this match won’t even take place in Barcelona. La Liga is thinking about relocating the event to a neutral stage.

But we have an even better solution. We believe that FC Barcelona’s board members should be held accountable for their actions.

They fail to understand that the club is not a local institution. They don’t get that it’s an international symbol.

There are millions of Barcelona fans who don’t support the club’s actions.

They understand the ‘More than a Club’ slogan in an entirely different manner compared to the board.

La Liga should act swiftly and take the three points from FC Barcelona as a message to Bartomeu and his goons.

Mixing football with politics has never been a good idea, and it still isn’t to this day.

If La Liga takes those three points from FC Barcelona and they lose the tournament because of that. The fans will never forget it.

This year’s competition will be remembered as the season in which Barcelona lost a title due to politics. 

What do you think La Liga should do with El Clasico? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.