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Opinion: Leaving Liverpool was Coutinho’s big mistake

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We can’t help but think about the many times that Coutinho must’ve thought about the terrible mistake he made by leaving Liverpool.

Perhaps a few years ago when FC Barcelona was still the hottest club in the world and Liverpool was on the rise, Philippe Coutinho thought leaving the Reds was a good idea.

Somebody from his inner circle should’ve told him that he was making the biggest mistake of his life, somebody should’ve seen the tendencies reshaping at the time.

FC Barcelona hasn’t been the best club in the world for the last four years, we are even thinking that the Catalan club may be entering another dark age after having their golden generation retire.

Although we still consider them to be one of the most competitive sides in European football, we no longer think Barcelona are even in the Top 5 of the best clubs in the continent.

Coutinho should’ve known what he was getting himself into, his decision to leave England may haunt him for the rest of his career.

Going to Bayern won’t secure him the Champions League, which is the only title he still hasn’t won with any of the clubs he’s represented over the years.

That trophy could’ve come to him if he had remained at Liverpool, but he wanted to succeed at FC Barcelona without knowing he came to a decadent club.

Bayern was still his best-possible option.

After his failed attempt to succeed at FC Barcelona, we have to say that Philippe Coutinho’s decision to play at Bayern Munich was the best he could’ve made for his career.

Going back to Liverpool wasn’t even in the cards for him due to how much his transfer price has ballooned, going to Barcelona turned him into one of the most overpriced players in the world.

This is not the same as saying a player is overrated, we believe Coutinho is world-class but he simply isn’t worth as much as Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo.

We even think Neymar is still worth more than Coutinho despite the PSG star’s most recent level drop.

Phil is a great midfielder who could’ve been even greater if he stayed at Liverpool, he was a perfect addition to an already functioning orchestra but he wanted to pursue a solo career at Barcelona.

Many players before him have proved that the Catalan club is Lionel Messi’s domain, no other player has been able to take the throne away from him and Coutinho certainly wasn’t going to do it.

We seriously hope that Phil does well at Bayern Munich, this is the ideal collective for him to keep growing as a player.

Even Klopp confessed he wanted Phil but couldn’t get him.

Despite Liverpool letting go of Coutinho back in 2018, the Reds remained a place where the Brazilian player could eventually return.

Phil left a good impression on the fans, his teammates, and the manager most of all.

Jurgen Klopp has a great tradition of becoming good friends with all the players he coaches and Coutinho was no exception.

The problem here is that when the opportunity to sign him back was a reality, the Reds had already spent the money they got for him in the first place.

Jurgen was happy t hear that Phil will play in the Bundesliga next season, he wanted to send his former player a message of support.

“It sounds weird, but we could not afford it,” said Jurgen Klopp to The Mirror.

“We have already spent the money that we got for him. He’s a super player and a super boy.”

“We were reluctant to hand it over at the time, but Barcelona forced us with money, so to speak.”

“He is a player who can change games for the positive. It’s not that nice for Dortmund, but it’s a great transfer for Bayern and the Bundesliga.”

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