Opinion: Leaving Messi and Ronaldo out is the best idea

Both Messi and Ronaldo will be out of competition this weekend, we tell you why doing this is the best idea for FC Barcelona and Juventus.

Both FC Barcelona and Juventus announced on Friday that Messi and Ronaldo wouldn’t be included in the call-up list for this weekend.

The league activity for both squads is unimportant at this point. FC Barcelona decided La Liga last weekend after defeating Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou.

Juventus also has a strong hold on the Serie A title this season with a massive 20-point advantage over SSC Napoli and there is no reason to risk any player.

Next week’s Champions League return legs are the most important commitments of the season for both clubs at the moment.

Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are going to feature in those games without question but their veteran status doesn’t allow them to play this weekend.

Perhaps in the past, we could’ve seen either of these stars feature in such an unimportant match as the ones Juventus and Barcelona are playing.

The Italian giants are visiting SPAL in Serie A on Saturday and Barcelona does the same at Huesca on the same day.

We could’ve had a day filled with goals from both players in their domestic competitions but we have to see one step ahead. Let’s analyze the situation of each star.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese forward hasn’t been as prolific in Serie A as some people would expect but he’s been vital for Juventus’ early claim for the title.

The most important competition for the player and his club is the Champions League as we all know.

The most recent injury he suffered while playing for Portugal is a new reminder that Ronaldo is no longer a young player who can play every game.

Manager Massimiliano Allegri already explained why he decided to drop Ronaldo from his list to face SPAL and we can’t say that we blame him for it.

It’ll be a shame for all the fans who bought their ticket in advance for this match with the hope of watching one of the best players in history perform on Saturday.

The main objective remains on beating Ajax next week for Cristiano and he needs his rest if he wants to remain as decisive as ever.

With Serie A practically decided, leaving him out of this match is almost logical.

We hope that we can get to experience the best Cristiano Ronaldo against Ajax next week as we did when he played against Atletico Madrid.

The Dutch squad has been surprising this season but they are far weaker than the Colchoneros on the defense and Ronaldo is aware of this.

Clement Lenglet

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The Portuguese forward experienced this weakness first hand when he scored his latest goal against them.

Lionel Messi

The Argentine player has been experiencing several muscular problems on his groin throughout the season.

These sensations have kept him on the verge of picking up a much more dangerous injury but the manager has been able to prevent this several times.

The last match that Messi played against Manchester United was a perfect indicator of Messi needing some more rest.

The club and the player agreed upon him resting for this trip to Huesca, especially because La Liga is already in the bag for Barcelona.

Again, we can only feel sorry for all those Spanish fans who were expecting Lionel Messi to play on Saturday.

Perhaps all of the fans who bought their tickets with the intention to watch the Argentine can resell them.

Leo’s prime objective for next week is to score more than a goal against Manchester United and get that semifinal ticket.

The star already promised all the supporters that Barcelona would win the Champions League when the season started.

Messi does not intend to not deliver on his promise and he is working his ass off to make it happen.

We are going to see both Leo and Cristiano playing less and less matches as the years go by until the day they retire.

We have to enjoy every minute of their last days at their highest level while we still can.

Who will you miss the most this Saturday, Messi or Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.