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Opinion: LeBron is more Ronaldo, Jordan is more Messi

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Barcelona, Real Madrid
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We will play a little comparison game after Griezmann’s comparison of Messi and LeBron James, we’ll get Ronaldo and Jordan in there.

Comparisons like the one Griezmann made of Lionel Messi with LeBron James are very common in sports, we are talking about legendary players.

We would like to differ in the comparison that the French forward recently made because our comparison is more accurate.

In the comparison between both Ronaldo and Leo, we can translate it to the one between James and Jordan.

We are convinced that Lebron is more like Cristiano and Michael is more like Messi, we will explain why we think this.

Michael Jordan appeared in Basketball during the late ’80s, he came in as a prodigy of the sport who had everything to conquer the world of the NBA.

His run with the Chicago Bulls is still legendary to this day, Jordan didn’t play well in any other squad than his first one.

This is very similar to what Messi is doing at Barcelona, the Argentine is also a very gifted player who was born with a unique talent to play football.

We are scared to think about what would happen if Leo decided to play somewhere else, he would probably never win a trophy because he was made to play for Barcelona.

Michael Jordan was made to play for the Bulls. LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo are two athletes who were cut from the same cloth.

Antoine Griezmann is a lover of the NBA, he follows it like crazy and he’s even interacted with some very famous players from the league.

Every chance he gets, Antoine travels to the United States and gets selfies with players whom he admires.

There is no doubt that he completely loves LeBron James, but his recent comparison between the Lakers star and Messi is misguided.

Someone needs to play some videos is Michael Jordan to Griezmann, and help him realize that James has way more similarities with Ronaldo than Messi.

The French player made this curious comparison during the press conference in his presentation with his new club.

“The thing that makes me happiest is playing with a partner like Leo, and drinking mate with him as well,” said Griezmann via Goal.

“The #1, for me he is #1 like LeBron James in basketball. LeBron is the image of basketball, of the NBA, Messi is the image of football because he has something different to everyone else that you will only see every 30 or more years.”

“I want to be an important player at this great club and try to win La Liga, the Champions League and Copa del Rey, which is what I’m missing on my list.”

“I can play on the right, on the left, or the center. What matters is doing it for the squad.”

Why we think LeBron is more like Ronaldo.

Apart from the hard work and dedication that both Athletes put in their craft, LeBron James is very similar to Cristiano Ronaldo on man more aspects.

For starters, the American baller always loved the idea of playing in many different teams and win championships everywhere.

The man already won trophies with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. Ronaldo already won trophies with Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

James also won two Olympic Gold Medals with the United States, and Ronaldo already won two major trophies with Portugal.

They are only a couple of months away from each other in regards to age, and both of them are amongst the most hated athletes in their respective sports.

People love hating both of them, and this is what drives both of them to become better players than they already are.

Even at their advanced age, we can expect both LeBron and Cristiano to keep winning trophies until they are 40 years old.

This is their nature, winning has always been one of the driving forces of athletes as great as they are. So, that’s why we respectfully disagree with Griezmann’s comparison.

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