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Opinion: Let’s forget about Zinedine Zidane getting sacked

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After yet another solid performance in Ipurua against Eibar, we can forget about Zinedine Zidane getting sacked by Real Madrid.

We’ve already written about the little time that takes Zinedine Zidane to learn from his mistakes, he confirmed his full recovery against Eibar and we can forget about his getting sacked.

The Real Madrid manager has an unmatched survival instinct that no other coach in history has demonstrated before.

Whenever you think he is against the ropes, he comes back stronger and puts any rumor to rest with streaks like the one he is having right now.

It seems the defeat against Mallorca was a wake-up call for Zidane’s players, they began a streak that has taken them far in all competitions.

Since then, Los Blancos have gone five consecutive matches with a clean sheet. This includes four La Liga matches and one UEFA Champions League game, they scored a total of 16 goals between all these games.

The only time that Zidane’s players didn’t convince the fans was against Real Betis at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which ended in a goalless draw.

In today’s match, there were several points that the players improved in regards to their game.

Some of the players who weren’t performing well in recent weeks, finally responded to the manager’s trust.

All the squad is fully committed to the manager, they know that his concepts are eventually effective and they no longer question his authority. 

Hazard improves more by the minute.

One of the players who kept getting the trust from Zidane despite his poor level of performance was Eden Hazard.

The Belgian winger was already improving on his speed and performance in recent weeks, but today was the perfect time for him to deliver.

Ipurua is a compact pitch, something that benefits Eden Hazard’s style of play. The new number ‘7’ nearly assisted Karim Benzema early in the game, and he was awarded a penalty after getting fouled inside the box.

This pace that Hazard showed against Eibar is more in line with the player who performed at Chelsea every three days.

Zidane also hit the jackpot with Luka Modric, who wasn’t performing well in recent days and needed an inspired night in order to scare off the critics.

And last but not least, Lucas Vazquez was arguably one of the best players on the pitch apart from Karim Benzema.

The Spaniard wasn’t getting too much participation this season, which gave him a unique opportunity to prove himself today.

He provoked the second penalty for Real Madrid, and he was a complete nightmare for Eibar on the left lane.

When he left the pitch during the second half, Zidane was especially thrilled for his performance.

A great night from players like Vazquez only enforces Zidane’s status with the fans. 

Before these five matches with clean sheets, there were already rumors linking other managers to Real Madrid.

Zidane already knows how to deal with this kind of pressure, the Frenchman never worries about the outside noise and he never loses his cool.

Watching him conduct himself with the press is almost hypnotic as if he somehow knew a secret that the rest of the world didn’t.

We can already stop talking about the possible replacements for Zidane, he is the perfect manager for Real Madrid and he isn’t going anywhere.

All those opinions about Jose Mourinho going back to Los Blancos are useless by now, the Portuguese coach is more likely to return to England instead of Spain.

This positive streak will also give Zidane more leverage for the winter transfer window, a period in which he will attempt to sign Paul Pogba again.

With the players he already has, ‘Zizou’ proved Florentino Perez that he can keep the squad at the top of La Liga and alive in the UEFA Champions League.

We can already expect more players coming forward in order to prove themselves to Zidane, the manager also has that power to motivate his pupils without telling them much.

They all know that this Real Madrid squad has big chances to fight for titles by the end of the season, and they want to play a role in the possible success. 

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