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Opinion: Levy finally responded to Pochettino with signings

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It had to be on the very last days of the transfer deadline in England, Daniel Levy finally responded to Mauricio Pochettino with good signings.

People at Tottenham Hotspur were just as nervous as Mauricio Pochettino was with chairman Daniel Levy, he wasn’t making any progress with signings.

The transfer deadline was today and there were no real movements that could excite the supporters or the managers.

However, the president finally came through and he signed two very good players for his squad.

There is a possibility of another last-minute arrival that could surprise the rest of the Premier League contenders but nothing is set in stone yet.

The only pending position left uncovered is the centre-back role, Tottenham Hotspur needed at least one player for this spot but Levy wasn’t able to deliver there.

However, there are three very specific positions that the North London club did cover.

We will go one by one for you to analyze with us and judge who the better arrival is for yourself.

Tottenham Hotspur already had a title contender last season, they only needed a few teaks here and there in order to return stronger for this new year.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino truly was confused about Daniel Levy’s transfer activity, he wasn’t seeing anything clear because he was left in the dark with most decisions.

Now that he finally gets to enjoy at least three good players, there is something exciting to build from what he has right now.

It all started with Tanguy Ndombele.

Given that Mauricio Pochettino really needed a defensive midfielder, Levy decided to help him out early in the pre-season with Tanguy Ndombele’s signing.

We have a player who was wildly coveted by many of the biggest clubs in the world, he was the dancing partner of Ferland Mendy and top talent for any squad that signed him.

Pochettino was fortunate enough to get him after Levy paid €60 million to Olympique Lyonnais, this was the first of three transfers that took place.

After that happened, there was radio silence from the chairman for over a month. Daniel started working without giving anything away, rumors started coming of Giovani Lo Celso possibly being one of the other options.

The Argentine midfielder had a splendid first season in Spanish football, Pochettino loved the idea of making it happen and they finally announced him on deadline day.

The deal for this versatile playmaker was for a loan with a mandatory transfer after a year, it is said that the final amount will be of nearly €70 million for his transfer.

Paris Saint-Germain is the club that will get that money, they were the owners of Lo Celso’s contract and the ones who get to keep the cash.

Pochettino’s smile got wider by the minute, he was finally getting some great payers for his Spurs.

A failed deal for Dybala and Ryan Sessegnon arrives.

The penultimate day of the transfer deadline was a wild ride for Tottenham, they really tried to sign Paulo Dybala for Spurs but Juventus only played with their interest.

The Argentina international never really wanted to leave the Italian club, his intention is to play under Maurizio Sarri and next to Cristiano Ronaldo next season.

With that failed transfer still fresh, Levy went all in for young Ryan Sessegnon from Fulham.

This is a player who was being courted by all the major clubs in the country, his level of skill invites anybody to think that he has the potential to become one of the best wingers in the world very soon.

Ryan kept saying no to several offers, but Tottenham finally convinced him after making a final attempt for €27 million.

This is how Pochettino gets a very exciting new talent for his Spurs, and he can finally make something happen with what he has.

Because we can’t forget that despite only signing three players, Tottenham Hotspur already has a squad that reached the Champions League final and finished in the Top Four last season without making any transfers throughout the whole year.

Three transfers will always bee better than no transfers, and they are pure quality.

What do you think about Tottenham Hotspur’s transfers for this new season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.