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Opinion: Lionel Messi deserves better from FC Barcelona

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After yet another disappointing performance from FC Barcelona, we can’t help but feel that Lionel Messi deserves better from his teammates.

You can say whatever you want about Lionel Messi’s performance against Liverpool last night, the Argentine was let down by his FC Barcelona teammates.

It all started during the first leg at Camp Nou right before the final whistle, Ousmane Dembele missed the opportunity that could’ve changed everything for Barcelona at Anfield Road.

Football is a sport in which eleven players clash against another eleven players, this is a collective sport and leaving all the responsibility on one player is a mistake.

Manager Ernesto Valverde has his fair share of the blame, but many of the players who underperformed tonight are also culprits of what happened to Barcelona last night.

There was not much more Messi could’ve done apart from what he already delivered to the Catalan club this season, he’s been the one carrying the squad until now.

Playing away at one of the most complicated stadiums in European football was obviously an impossible task for Messi to undertake on his own.

This evening, players like Luis Suarez or Gerard Pique needed to step up and help out their captain.

The only other player who did perform relatively well was Arturo Vidal, and he had to leave the pitch because he was too tired during the second half.

Barcelona’s midfield was completely absent.

Starting with Sergio Busquets, the FC Barcelona midfield was completely overwhelmed by all the Liverpool players.

The Catalan player is far from the level of performance he usually delivers throughout the season.

Ivan Rakitic was also gone from this commitment, he keeps talking about contract extensions and yet he doesn’t deliver when they need him the most.

But we are not going to sit here and not even mention the level of responsibility that Messi had last night, he is also to blame for this failure.

The Argentine player was elevated to the heavens by the overwhelming majority of the people who watched him perform last week at Camp Nou.

But he failed to appear in the most urgent moment for his teammates, he remains as a silent leader who lacks the voice to motivate his companions in difficult stadiums.

Anfield Road completely swallowed Leo Messi last night. Leo was desperate throughout the whole 90 minutes and there wasn’t even a shred of hope that Barcelona could score a single goal.

Although we believe that Messi will benefit from better players such as Frenkie de Jong next season, he still has some self-criticism to make after last night’s performance.

The defense was the worst at Anfield.

Even though we think Messi didn’t appear last night against Liverpool, we also believe that the Barcelona defense was the worst during this match.

The key moment that describes how poor they were, came down to Liverpool’s fourth goal.

The backline proved how demoralized they were at that moment.

Alexander-Arnold was smart enough to smell blood and he caught them completely off guard, he served Origi a surreal assist during a corner kick.

That last goal Liverpool scored was perhaps the most incredible piece of cheekiness that we have ever experienced in Champions League history.

However, the Barcelona back four were mostly to blame for such an enormous lack of focus.

Even manager Jurgen Klopp was left speechless after this goal, he couldn’t understand why the Catalan defense allowed this to happen.

Gerard Pique and Clement Lenglet will have nightmares all night after this moment, one they won’t forget for many years to come.

All that talk about Pique being considered amongst the best defenders in the world can rest now, the Barcelona player doesn’t even deserve a special mention among the best.

He is the one who let Messi down the most.

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