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Opinion: Lionel Messi didn’t deserve FIFA’s The Best Award

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We come here to give our take on Lionel Messi winning FIFA’s The Best Award this year, we believe he didn’t deserve to win it.

This year’s FIFA The Best Award is a Deja Vu from the 2010 ceremony, another season in which he won the prize and didn’t deserve it.

During that year, we had Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez as the front runners to win the award.

The Spanish National Team won their first World Cup in history with mesmerizing performances from those two players.

However, Leo was the one who picked up the award that year to his own surprise. Not even Leo thought he deserved to win the trophy, there is a similar feeling this season with Virgil van Dijk.

The Dutch defender even proved to be the best player out of the two when Liverpool faced FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.

We truly were expecting the defender to go up and pick up the award, he won the European tournament and UEFA’s MVP trophy as well.

We were expecting Virgil to become the first defender since Fabio Cannavaro to be recognized with this award.

During 2006, the Italian defender won the old FIFA Player of the Year Award. He also picked up the Ballon d’Or that year after winning the FIFA World Cup with Italy.

There hadn’t been such a dominant defender since then, which made us believe Van Dijk actually had a chance.

Lionel Messi going to the stage and accepting the award was a beautiful moment, especially after he mentioned how special this was for having his family with him as he picked it up.

It’s not that we don’t believe he didn’t have another incredible season, the man scored 51 goals in 53 matches and won two domestic titles with FC Barcelona.

But Leo failed to perform when his club needed him the most, he lost the UEFA Champions League against Liverpool and he didn’t win another Copa America with Argentina.

The only individual award he deserved this year was the Golden Shoe, which is the one he earned after scoring 36 goals in the Spanish La Liga.

That prize was more than enough to recognize what Leo did throughout last season, The Best award should always go to the player who was part of the biggest collective triumphs during the year.

We even believe that Cristiano Ronaldo deserved to win the prize more than Messi did, the Portuguese forward from the Italian Serie A and the UEFA Nations League.

But Virgil van Dijk was hands down the best footballer of 2019, we think this voting system was biased as the ones who cast their votes are more inclined to pick Leo Messi above anybody else.

The Argentine does dominate many aspects of the game, but he didn’t win the most important award of the year with his club.

The Ballon d’Or will be split.

If Leo won the award this evening, we would obviously see an evident split in the final decision for the Ballon d’Or.

This award will take place in Paris on October the 2nd, and it will split the people who choose who the best will be for 2019.

Van Dijk will struggle to get this prize as a defender over Leo, we don’t agree with it but that’s how the politics of these awards go.

This latest decision from FIFA doesn’t change our opinion on Virgil van Dijk, he was the very best player of the 2018-19 season and he deserves to be recognized as such.

Even though he agrees that Messi is the best player in the world, awards go to the performance from the overall season and not for the career any player’s had over the years.

We believe that this award went to Messi due to the influence he has in football already, but even he thinks that maybe Virgil could’ve won it.

It will be interesting to watch who wins the Ballon d’Or next month, we already know who the two favorites will be.

We are hoping that the voters on this prize are less biased when they cast their vote, we need more transparency in football.

We still congratulate Messi for this win, but we don’t believe he deserved to win it.

Regardless of what we think, we are sure that Virgil van Dijk is happier for winning the UEFA Champions League than any individual accolade.

Do you think Leo Messi deserved to win FIFA’s The Best Award this evening? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.