Opinion: Lionel Messi is Barcelona’s biggest motivation

All the FC Barcelona players are feeling stronger than ever due to Lionel Messi’s impact in the club, he is the one who is taking them forward.

The image of Lionel Messi lifting La Liga title for FC Barcelona last Saturday is the perfect representation of the club’s feeling right now.

The Argentine player has become the ideal motivation for all his teammates this season and they feel invincible right now.

The captain is the one person who makes the whole squad transform into one of the most competitive clubs in the world.

Without Messi, Barcelona really doesn’t have a shot at anything this season, but Liverpool knows that this player can be their ultimate doom.

There really can’t be any distractions from Leo Messi for this Champions League semifinal, his absence would send the Catalan club to a negative downward spiral.

We are not certain how much importance will Jurgen Klopp give to stopping Lionel Messi, but he needs to understand how much the captain gives to his teammates.

We are not saying that Liverpool players should play dirty in order to intimidate the star, but they could at least try to prevent him from approaching their goalkeeper at all costs.

There have been plans like this one in the past, Klopp is aware of what he could do in order to neutralize Barcelona’s best player.

Messi is channeling his best version from 2009. 2011, and 2015.

When FC Barcelona won the Champions League on the last three occasions, Lionel Messi was also the most important player for his squad.

He was the one who took the team all the way to the final with spectacular performances against some of the most competitive clubs from the era.

The year 2009 gave us that unforgettable semifinal against Chelsea, Messi was the one who provided Iniesta with that assist that changed everything.

He eventually played a key role in the final against Manchester United with that vital header that gave Barcelona its first Treble.

Two years later, Messi punished Manchester United once again in the final with one goal.

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The 2014-15 season was also very important for Leo, he was outstanding during the semifinal against Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich.

Defender Jerome Boateng will never forget that solo goal Messi scored in front of him, the Argentine broke his hip with that dribble that sent him right to sleep.

Guardiola has the right idea when it comes to Leo Messi at his best, the Catalan coach understands there is nothing anybody can do to stop him when he plays his best football.

Life after Xavi and Iniesta

It has taken Lionel Messi a good three years of getting used to living without Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta, those two players made everything easier for Leo.

The last season that gave us those three payers together was the one in which they won their second Treble, Barcelona hasn’t won Europe ever since.

But this season seems ideal for Messi to finally step out of the shadows and become that leader everybody was expecting.

The last obstacle in the way of this objective will be Liverpool, the Reds represent a real threat for Messi and what he wants.

There aren’t that many clubs that actually have the defensive prowess to stop a player like Messi, he has a greater chance of winning this Champions League if he defeats the English club.

Leo leads his teammates forward through his goals and the most versatile version of himself in the last few seasons.

Manager Ernesto Valverde deserves a lot of credit for getting this new evolution of Leo Messi, a more complete player who scores the same amount of goals and also creates chances for his teammates from midfield.

How far will Leo Messi get in the Champions League this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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