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Opinion: Lionel Scaloni should apologize to Argentina

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After making another terrible mistake for Argentina, Lionel Scaloni should simply apologize and excuse himself from the National Team.

The Copa America for Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina is turning out to be a complete disaster, they are only alive thanks to Lionel Messi and the manager should apologize.

It all started with the talk that the gaffer had with his players during the early days of the week, reports came pouring in about the coach leaving Sergio Aguero on the bench.

There is a clear disconnect between Scaloni and the Manchester City striker that became evident during the match against Paraguay.

The gaffer simply feels more comfortable with the players that he already knows, but that doesn’t justify what he did on Wednesday evening in Belo Horizonte.

Scaloni saw his mistake of not including Aguero in the squad and he quickly attempted to correct himself.

However, he made another terrible error as he took Lautaro Martinez out of the game and took out the only hope that Argentina had to win this match.

The local outlets from Argentina had a field trip with the manager, they simply can’t understand what he is trying to do.

The final verdict after the game was that Lionel Scaloni made a mistake by taking Lautaro Martinez out of the game, but the manager explained why he made that decision.

“Lautaro wasn’t fit to continue. He remained on the pitch because he is an animal, but he got a hard knock in the lower back and I was worried about him,” said Scaloni via Diario Ole. 

Despite this explanation, Martinez himself contradicted Scaloni after the match by stating that he felt okay to continue.

We could see Lautaro quite angry after getting replaced by Di Maria, he was really disappointed by the manager’s decision to take him off the game when he was feeling more confident.

“It’s clear that I always want to be inside the pitch in order to help my teammates, but the manager was following a knock I took during the first half from a short distance,” said Lautaro after the match.

“He told me about it during half time but taking me out was his decision. When Paraguay got comfortable and they started creating chances against us, he maybe wanted to have more people in midfield.”

“His plan was to hurt them from the wings and create more danger with more player from the sides. That’s where Di Maria came on the pitch.”

“I was ready to continue. Beyond the pain I was feeling, I believe I could keep playing this match,” he concluded.

Now that we know what a mess the Argentina squad currently is, there is a big chance that the ‘Albiceleste’ can’t even get a victory against the Qatar National Team on Sunday.

The biggest culprit of this new negative result is Scaloni, there is nothing smart about the decisions that he made before and during the match.

What does Argentina need to qualify to the Quarterfinals?

Lionel Scaloni’s squad face Qatar on Sunday in Porto Alegre, they urgently need to win that game because getting only two points in case of a draw would leave them out of the best third places in the competition.

We can’t forget that only two squads will get to go through as the best third places in the tournament.

In case of a victory against the Asian squad, we have two possible scenarios to consider.

Argentina will qualify in second place as long as Paraguay doesn’t win against Colombia, a squad that already secured Group B’s first place.

If this happens, The ‘Albiceleste’ will play against Group A’s second place, which could be Peru or Venezuela as long as the Peruvian squad defeats Brazil.

If they win and Paraguay also wins, things could get really complicated for Argentina.

Predicting the rival for them in this scenario is quite tricky, as they could still not qualify as one of the best third places of the competition.

What is certain for Argentina is that finishing in third place of Group B, would get them to play against the first placed squad of Brazil or Uruguay’s groups.

Everything got incredibly complicated for Lionel Scaloni and his players, all due to the bad decisions that the manager took during this match against Paraguay.

Where will Argentina end up after the Group stage is over in this Copa America? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.