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Opinion: Liverpool faces its most challenging moment

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Let’s discuss the reasons Liverpool FC might be entering the most challenging time of the Premier League season for them. Could they slip-up again?

After last Wednesday’s draw against Leicester City in the Premier League, Liverpool officially entered the most stressful and challenging moment of the season.

While they didn’t really lose that much momentum in the competition with Manchester City at the top of the table, the Reds did miss a massive opportunity that manager Jürgen Klopp already discussed after the match at Anfield Road.

The boss explained why he thinks this setback occurred and why he believes the players need to concentrate more if they don’t want another situation like the one they went through last night, the squad also needs to be prepared for having setbacks such as the uncalled penalty on Naby Keita that referee Martin Atkinson didn’t call when the midfielder was knocked down by Ricardo Pereira during the second half.

The concern for Liverpool’s nerves has already started to show, even amongst former players who liver during the era in which the Reds suffered the most in modern football.

Pundit Rio Ferdinand was part of that Manchester United squad that beat Liverpool in the 2007-2008 season, the one that Rafael Benitez finished second after a thrilling tournament.

While doing his job as a pundit for BT Sport, Rio Ferdinand identified this stressful period that Liverpool is going through and fears that Jürgen Klopp might not be able to help the players fight it.

We are talking about a historical inferiority complex that tends to emerge during the most important stage of the season, exactly after January when the most crucial matches take place in the Premier League.

Back in the era when Ferdinand was Manchester United’s defensive leader, he saw the Reds crumbling down in the most important part of the season and effectively gave the Red Devils the chance to win another title.

“Liverpool’s nerves are something (Jurgen) Klopp will have to address. You don’t want to see nerves at this stage, this is early. I think they looked nervous, the crowd were nervous and it fed into the players,” Rio added.

“I think (Jurgen) Klopp will address that in the coming days.’ ‘We lost a title one time for a handball or an offside, its part and parcel of it,” he continued.

“I like VAR but I like the element of human error. You have to take the good with the bad. I’ve had the bad and it keeps me up at night even now!”

The chance Liverpool has to finally kill all its ghosts this season is directly linked to the several heads that have joined forces to take the club out of this three-decade slumber, Fenway Sports Group is a major part of this effort but manager Jürgen Klopp is the key to the whole operation.

The German manager adds a whole new outlook at how Liverpool players should confront challenging situations in the most effective manner, but the German manager does have a negative record when it comes to winning the major titles.

Despite changing Liverpool’s dynamic since he arrived by taking the squad to two major European finals, the man hasn’t been able to take his teams to victory in the crucial moments against Sevilla (Europa League final) and Real Madrid (Champions League final).

The only example that the Reds do have to actually believe Klopp is the right man for the job and the club’s legs won’t shake at the most important moment, is the fact that he alone was able to win the Bundesliga from a very powerful Bayern Munich squad when he coached Borussia Dortmund.

But not even that record will be any good if the players don’t get out of that mental block they seem to have, the manager has a lot of work to do with them still.

Do you think Liverpool has what it takes to win the Premier League this season or how long will it take them? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.