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Opinion: Liverpool FC possess the “Champions’ Fortune”

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It’s a bit early to call but, we believe that Liverpool currently has that very familiar condition known as the “Champions’ Fortune”.

It is well known that football clubs that win trophies often have a condition known as the “Champions’ Fortune”, we are convinced that Liverpool has that.

In this Saturday’s match, the Reds had a very difficult Premier League match against Leicester City.

The Foxes are currently the third-best team in English football, they stand only behind Liverpool and Manchester City on the table.

Jurgen Klopp knew of the importance that this game had, a victory would get them a total of eight victories on their first eight matches of the season.

Having the start of the tournament as dominant as this can only mean that the Reds have that “Champions’ Fortune” we are talking about.

However, the factor that made us convinced of this condition was the way in which this match ended.

Liverpool has consistently scored goals in the final minutes of their games in recent weeks, this is something that didn’t happen before to this squad.

When the new format began, it was as if Liverpool was cursed because they weren’t able to win a single Premier League title ever since.

In fact, they too had a perfect start during the 1990-91 season and they didn’t get to win the competition.

The sensations are way different this time around, this Liverpool side feels confident on their odds to win the title this early in the season.

Sadio Mane, the key factor in today’s win.

Senegal international Sadio Mane was the most important player for Liverpool once again, he was coming fresh out of a great performance against Red Bull Salzburg.

But Sadio shared the spotlight this time with James Milner, who was just as important in order to secure the victory at Anfield Road.

The Reds were coming fresh out of a close call in the UEFA Champions League, today’s match would be just as stressful against a very competitive Leicester City.

Brendan Rodgers is making this team play wonderfully, he managed to become a major headache for the local squad and they nearly scored the first goal on a couple of occasions.

But Milner was the slick lad of the game, as he set Sadio Mane up for his goal with an assist that left the forward alone in front of the Foxes’ goalkeeper.

The African player took his shot with a potent low effort, one that went straight on through the low far post.

That was the first goal of the evening for Liverpool, they were winning it with difficulty but they still had the lead.

This initial goal came only five minutes before half time, it also came at the perfect moment for the Reds as they were struggling to defend against Rodgers’ squad.

The second half was even more complicated for the Reds, as they still struggled to maintain their lead during the final 10 minutes of the match.

The 1-0 remained until the 80th minute, when Perez set Maddison up for Leicester City’s shocking equalizer.

It was a pass between the lines that the Liverpool defense wasn’t able to prevent. Brendan Rodgers was very happy when he realized that taking the undefeated run from Liverpool was actually possible.

But things got weird during the final minutes, as Liverpool got awarded an odd penalty.

It was already on the 93rd minute of the match, Sadio Mane was clearly touched inside the box by Albrighton but the contact wasn’t too strong.

The ref went to VAR to check the replay, and we could see Mane diving way after he received contact.

The penalty was still given even after it was checked by VAR, this is where that “Champions’ Fortune” came into play.

Liverpool didn’t deserve to get that penalty awarded, but they appear unstoppable with decisions like this one.

James Milner was the one who took the shot from the spot and he didn’t miss, he gave the Reds another victory in order to maintain this perfect run.

After the final whistle, Perez didn’t seem to like the outcome of the match and he got into a heated argument with Milner.

Many players had to interfere during this bust-up, but nothing too serious happened after that.

The Reds already have 24 points this season, they extended their lead to 8 points with Manchester City having one more match to play on Sunday.

Can Liverpool finally end its curse and win this season’s Premier League title? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.