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Opinion: Lopetegui should give more chances to Chicharito

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After two consecutive Europa League performances, it’s time for Julen Lopetegui to give Chicharito a chance against Barcelona.

Manager Julen Lopetegui should really look into what Chicharito Hernandez has done in only two Europa League games, he needs to get a chance in La Liga.

The Mexican striker scored again last Thursday, this is his second Europa League match getting a goal that helps Sevilla win a game.

It wasn’t only the incredible free-kick he scored against Qarabag during the previous match, this time he scored the winner against APOEL and gave Sevilla six points within their group.

It is evident that Chicharito has the quality to start matches in the Spanish La Liga, and yet Lopetegui still doesn’t make the decision to include him in the starting XI.

But there is a golden opportunity for the gaffer on Sunday, he can get Hernandez his first start in the domestic competition against FC Barcelona.

The Mexican striker has been waiting for this opportunity for a while, and scoring against the Catalan club would confirm his status as one of the best strikers around.

The Mexican press has been trying to undermind what this player has done throughout his career, but he has done a lot more than most of his compatriots in European football.

In fact, only Rafael Marquez and Hugo Sanchez are more accomplished than he is.

We mustn’t forget that Chicharito was spotted by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson back in 2010, and he made a tremendous impact in English football after he arrived.

The contribution he gave to the Red Devils took them to win the Premier League, and they even reached the UEFA Champions League final during his first year at the club.

Despite not winning the continental tournament, it was evident that Javier Hernandez is a special talent and he would make a great career in Europe.

Circumstances didn’t offer him the option to remain inside United’s starting XI, he eventually had to leave the club after Ferguson retired, but his goal-scoring skills took him to Real Madrid.

Chicharito didn’t perform much for Los Blancos during Carlo Ancelotti’s second season, but he did become incredibly important for the club’s final months in every competition.

During the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, Hernandez scored the winning goal against Atletico Madrid and took the Spanish giants to the semifinals.

This special talent is the one that Sevilla was looking for, but Lopetegui still considers Luuk de Jong a better option than Javier.

Hopefully, the two Europa League goals he scored can help Julen change his mind for this weekend.

Chicharito’s competition.

Talking about Luuk de Jong, the Dutch striker came to score goals for Sevilla and he hasn’t netted a single one since he arrived.

The former PSV Eindhoven player has already played six La Liga matches and the fans are still waiting for him to make an appearance.

While that happens, Chicharito already let Lopetegui know that he has a true goal-scorer waiting on the bench.

We hope that next Saturday’s call-up list for the trip against FC Barcelona includes the Mexican striker, and we also expect him to at least have a chance to play at Camp Nou.

Although Lionel Messi could destroy the Andalusian squad now that he is fully recovered, Chicharito could be the answer that Sevilla is looking for.

We will bring you all the information about the game at Camp Nou, and we will be waiting for that opportunity that Hernandez needs to get after his display on Thursday.

Wasting the talent of natural-born goal-scorers such as Chicharito should be considered a sin, Lopetegui should know better.

All we can do for now is wait for Sunday and see what happens, we might get a surprise in Sevilla’s starting line-up against the Catalan club.

Do you think Chicharito deserves a chance to play in La Liga after his performance on Thursday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.