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Opinion: Manchester United is a complete transfer disaster

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After yet another embarrassing summer, it is clear that Manchester United is a complete transfer disaster for another season.

After getting the confirmation of Alexis Sanchez leaving to Inter this Wednesday, we can already state that Manchester United is a complete transfer disaster.

This is not news for almost everybody, but we do have to double down on the many unfair practices the club’s board is doing right now.

The fans are fed up with the whole situation, many of them don’t know what will happen with the Red Devils this season.

There are four specific cases of the club allowing to leave key players to other clubs and not even worrying about finding their replacements.

Perhaps Alexis Sanchez was one of the least concerning exits for manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but other players who left didn’t have the proper names to come and take their place.

Romelu Lukaku is the most scandalous case of them all by far, we also have te cases of Ander Herrera and Marouane Fellaini.

None of these players’ positions were covered, this situation is already quite disconcerting for anybody who considers himself a Manchester United fan.

We know where the major issue lies, the Glazer family appears to simply not care about the club’s well-being as long as it keeps generating revenue.

They have a well-trained Ed Woodward to take all the heat and they will never get any of the blame, even players are in the crossfires right now.

The only option at this point of the transfer window is to trust in the reserves, the academy players who have been waiting for their opportunity.

Supporters keep demanding the English club to move and get Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund, they consider him the ideal player to replace Alexis Sanchez at the club.

There is a slight issue with this possibility as United reportedly agreed to keep paying the Chilean his full wage while he still plays at Inter next season.

We have no idea who agreed to this, Sanchez earns a reported €12 million per season and that money would’ve been enough to lure Sancho to the club.

According to the Evening Standard, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that he prefers waiting for next summer in order to find an ideal offensive player for the squad.

By the time next season arrives, perhaps not even Paul Pogba will be part of the team.

The whole situation with the French midfielder deserves a separate paragraph all on its own, there will be a tense weekend ahead for the Red Devils before the transfer window deadline.

As you all know, Premier League clubs can’t buy any more players but they can certainly still sell them. The fans are terrified about the possibilities with Pogba.

Paul Pogba could still leave.

Manchester United could truly end the summer transfer window as an even greater train wreck if they did one very specific decision.

As you all may already know, Paul Pogba is determined to leave the club as soon as he can.

The Red Devils keep telling him that they are not willing to allow him to abandon them, but they would let him leave if Real Madrid made an insane €200 million offer in the last-minute.

As far as we know, Florentino Perez isn’t willing to spend that much money for a single player but Zidane keeps pushing him.

The French manager has been dead set on signing the United midfielder for three years, he believes that is the only missing piece of his puzzle for Los Blancos.

We know that the president and the manager have meetings on a weekly basis, Zidane still hopes that Perez can see reason and he makes an offer to the Red Devils.

Anything can happen until the very last minute of the window’s deadline, Manchester United could also let their best player leave.

We seriously can’t remember a worse transfer window in Manchester United’s modern history, it has been a complete disaster but it can get a lot worse.

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