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Opinion: Manchester United is considerably improving lately

Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United
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We need to discuss the main reasons Manchester United has considerably improved in recent weeks in every competition. 

Manchester United was one of the biggest disappointments when the current season started, they considerably improved. The Red Devils were a major concern for all the Mancunian fans who wanted a shot at getting some silverware.

But the landscape didn’t seem like it was possible. Cut to a few months later after a relatively busy winter transfer window. We have a completely different squad that can even have the luxury to play without Marcus Rashford.

This United side has been on the mend in recent weeks, and the fans are starting to see the results. Just this Thursday, the Red Devils qualified for the UEFA Europa League’s Round of 16 after defeating Club Brugge by a considerable margin of goals. An aggregate 6-1 result is proof that this team is finally starting to get the results they’ve been working for all these months.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is finally getting back the recognition he lost last season after getting eliminated from the UEFA Champions League. Knowing that the team would have a hard time in the beginning, the Norwegian coach always kept his cool in front of the press. There was always a sense of calmness that irradiated from him when he was in front of the cameras. 

Bruno and Ighalo’s arrivals. 

Perhaps Solskjaer always knew something we didn’t. Maybe this is what always kept his feet on the ground and never faltered. This level of control is what drove Ole to the place he is today. He always saw the positives in the negatives. Even more failure will be regarded as a learning experience from his perspective.

This is the reason the Glazer family keeps him in his position to this day, he knows that better days will come for Manchester United. Football is a cyclic sport, and the Red Devils were successful for decades. Now that he is having a certain level of good results, it’s time to enjoy the moment. Bruno Fernandes is right in the middle of this improvement.

The Portuguese star was the best answer to all the Mancunian fans’ prayers, he is doing an exceptional job. His last three matches have been impressive on his end. He is the man who drives the ship to good results at the moment.

Also, we have Odion Ighalo scoring his first goal as a Manchester United player. Things are going well for the manager and Red Devils’ supporters. But Bruno Fernandes is the man delivering the best results, this is what will bring him closer to an ideal debut season with the club. 

United is the Europa League’s most feared rival.

Regardless of what happens on the Round of 16, Manchester United is already considered a title contender. In fact, we would even consider saying they absolutely can reach the final if the stars align for them. The only clubs that have a chance to defeat them right now are Sevilla and Inter Milan.

The rest of the qualified clubs are significantly weaker than the Red Devils at the moment. The competitive gene that this club has is always in good spirits when any European competition begins for them. Regardless of their poor season in the Premier League, Man United has always been a constant danger for any opponent in the Europa League.

This team is getting more positive results, and they might even finish the season in the Top Four. The level of performance they are showing at the moment is good enough to make the fans dream of that possibility. Keep in mind that Marcus Rashford is still recovering from a recent back injury.

By the time he returns to the club, Man United will already be a feared club in European football. Rashford can become the last-minute boost they need in order to fight for a trophy this season. 

How much has Manchester United improved over the last couple of months? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.