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Opinion: Manchester United should let Paul Pogba leave

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The situation between Paul Pogba and Manchester United is taking a wild turn, we believe the Red Devils should let him leave the institution.

The summer transfer market is only 21 days in and Paul Pogba still hasn’t sorted out his situation with Manchester United.

The French international recently spoke out about possibly leaving the club, as he wants a new challenge in his professional career.

The Red Devils responded to this “threat” by stating that they won’t let him leave and they are even offering him a contract extension that can convince him to stay at the club.

It is almost as if they were rewarding Paul Pogba for neglecting them in every chance they get, Paul Pogba doesn’t deserve to be treated like a star.

Even though we all know that he can potentially become the best midfielder in the world, the player has always disrespected Manchester United in one way or the other.

But Ed Woodward still thinks of him as the best player he has on the squad, and he possibly is.

However, this doesn’t mean that the institution should condone his behavior and give him incentives to keep him at the club.

There is only so much disrespect that a great club such as Manchester United can take, not even the great Paul Pogba is above this institution.

The problem here is that the people managing the situation don’t really know how to act, they regard Pogba as an active asset due to his star status but they don’t demand more from him after he makes a new mistake at the club.

The offer Manchester United made to Paul Pogba.

Sir Alex Ferguson was on to something when he decided to let Paul Pogba leave to Juventus back in 2012, this type of player shouldn’t belong to a club like Manchester United.

The Red Devils are an institution that should always have players that are willing to make sacrifices for the squad rather than toy with the fans’ feelings.

It’s been too many times when Pogba has decided to put himself before the club, this is something that most of the supporters are exhausted by.

The way in which Manchester United is handling the situation is the worst part of this whole story, they act as if Pogba was the last great player in the world.

Don’t get us wrong, we do see Paul as a world-class midfielder but the Mancunian club can find many more players who can fill his position.

There is constant news coming out about Paul looking for his new destination while the English club keeps trying to convince him to stay.

Earlier this year we wrote another opinion piece where we practically challenged Paul Pogba to stay at the club and truly become one of the best players in the world at Man United.

Now that we know what his intentions really are, we urge the Red Devils to reconsider their position and simply let this mercenary leave.

The most successful club in English football doesn’t need players like this in their ranks.

Who can replace Paul Pogba at Manchester United?

This is a really difficult question for anybody who attempts to pose it, but it should be on everybody’s mind because Pogba’s intention is to leave.

The contract upgrade he might receive from the club could keep him at bay for one more season, but Paul made up his mind about leaving long ago.

Whether it’s at Juventus or Real Madrid, the French midfielder’s intention is to continue his career somewhere else.

There are several players who can take his position at the club, midfielders who can become just as good if not better than the Frenchman.

We start with Thomas Partey, the Atletico Madrid product who is currently looking for a new destination away from the Spanish club.

We also have Giovani Lo Celso, the Argentine player who left Paris Saint-Germain and is currently playing at Real Betis from the Spanish La Liga.

But the best option to replace Pogba is another Frenchman, Adrien Rabiot has been looking for a new destination for over a year and he would fit perfectly in the Red Devils’ plans for the future.

There is no reason for Man United to keep a player who doesn’t want to stay, let Paul Pogba leave and buy two more players who can cover his absence in midfield.

What should Manchester United do with Paul Pogba? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.