Opinion: Manchester United won’t struggle for transfers

Even if they don’t finish the season in the Top Four, Manchester United won’t struggle to find ideal transfers for the new project next summer.

Manchester United appears to be in a complicated situation when it comes to finishing the season in the Top Four, this could affect their transfers.

However, we have a good reason to believe that the Red Devils are not really going to struggle when the time comes to buy new players for the club.

We are talking about one of the richest and most successful sporting institutions in the world, Manchester United is a global brand that doesn’t struggle to find sustainability that much.

Not finishing the Premier League season amongst the Top Four contenders will prevent them from playing the Champions League next season.

This is something that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might not be able to avoid, getting this result could also tamper with their plans to retain players like Paul Pogba.

But we believe that the Red Devils will be okay even if the French midfielder leaves.

The club has no shortage of world-class players who want to play at Manchester United, this is due to the tradition and prestige that the English giants still hold to this day.

Any player who gets offered a new opportunity to play for the Red Devils at least takes time to consider it.

The club’s board of directors shouldn’t be worried about that, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep fighting to finish this season in the Top Four.

The possible outcome for Manchester United.

As things stand right now, the battle for the Top Four finish has only two matches left to be decided. Manchester United stands in sixth place with 65 points.

The upcoming match on the weekend will be at Huddersfield Town next Sunday, a challenge that doesn’t seem too complicated for them.

The final fixture of the season will come a week from now. Manchester United will attempt to win the final three points and possibly end the season with a grand total of 71 units.

The problem here is the rest of the competitors that are fighting against United to get that fourth spot.

Tottenham Hotspur appears saved as they already have 70 points with two matches left to play.

The Spurs play at Bournemouth this weekend and against Everton on the last fixture of the season.

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Chelsea is currently on that fourth spot with 68 units. They are going to play against Watford this weekend at Stamford Bridge and close the season at King Power Stadium against Leicester City.

And finally, Arsenal ranks fifth with 66 units and still with two more matches left to play. The first one will be against Brighton & Hove Albion and they close the season at Burnley.

Manchester United appears to have a difficult road ahead if they want to finish in the Top Four, but they will certainly try.

During a press conference this Friday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was questioned about world-class players not interested in playing at Man United next summer.

There is a major concern about footballers such as Gareth Bale or Jadon Sancho rejecting a possible offer from the Red Devils due to a lack of European action.

Ole doesn’t think this will affect the squad, as he revealed that agents keep trying to bring their players to the club.

“You’d be surprised how many players’ agents have been touting their players,” said ole via Manchester United’s official website.

“Telling us that their players would love to be a part of Man United in the future.”

“That’s the lure of Man United because they know the potential and size of the club, that we will in the end get back to the good days.”

“Yes, we’re having a tough time at the moment. We’ve had a few seasons that we’ve not got up to the standards we expect but it’s up to me and the club to change it as quick as possible.”

“If it’s a season without the Champions League, who knows but players still want to come to Man United and you probably wouldn’t be surprised but you would be surprised by the names that you get asked.”

“You learn about them (the players) every single day,” he added.

“You get positive and negative surprises all the time and every day. Here is a chance to prove that you should be part of the rebuild of Man United, definitely.”

Which world-class players would you like to watch at Manchester United next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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