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Opinion: Manchester United’s problem is a lack of quality

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We need to talk about the big elephant in the room, Manchester United’s biggest problem is a general lack of quality in the squad. 

As managers keep falling like dead flies, we need to talk about Manchester United’s alarming lack of quality in many areas.

We get that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is trying to bring the old football academy back to its glory days but something needs to change.

There is nothing that can confirm the Norwegian manager will remain at the squad for the rest of the season, but he needs some assistance if he does.

The club’s board of directors has neglected the team’s necessities for too long, and last Thursday’s defeat was the latest red flag.

Although United made European competition history by lining up the youngest starting eleven in history, it’s clear that these players simply don’t cut it.

Chong’s incredible miss during the match against Astana is what perfectly describes the situation.

The Red Devils are a squad that is filled with amateur players when they can easily fill it with elite stars in a matter of days.

The Glazer family is still sitting tight on any important transfers because they believe this project will deliver results in a few years.

However, the supporters are not keen on waiting any longer for the other shoe to drop. 

Even David De Gea is aware of the real issue. 

“The team is what it is, and results are what they have been recently,” De Gea told Sky Sports.

“It’s true that the first half was horrible, probably one of the worst this year.”

“The reaction of the team in the second half was important, but it’s not enough.”

“We should win these type of games to be on top, we need to win four or five games in a row to be at the top, but at the moment the team is not playing so well.”

“We’re giving it everything, we’re trying to get those big wins that can put us high up in the table, but the truth is at the moment we’re not consistent enough, there’s much to train and much to improve.”

“I don’t think it’s through any lack of effort, the boys are leaving everything out on the field in training and games. You could point maybe to a lack of quality in certain areas, but certainly not a lack of fight.”

“The truth is I feel like at home here,” De Gea added.

“There are times when I am in Spain and I’m really looking forward to coming back here, at home in Manchester.”

“We’ve been here for a lot of years and I feel like people appreciate me here, I’ve made a lot of friends and I’m thrilled to be part of this club.”

“It’s been a long time that I’ve been playing here and it’s not an easy thing to keep playing at the highest level and to maintain that level.”

“I personally hope that we can get more accolades in years to come by working hard and playing to that same high level.”

Solskjaer’s job is on the line next Wednesday.

We will inevitably go to next Wednesday’s match at Old Trafford, a game that will be filled with poetic justice for many.

Manchester United receives a very special visit from Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur.

Those who followed the Mancunian club throughout last season, this was the same scenario in which things started going terribly wrong for the Portuguese manager.

The difference is that he was the one sitting on the local bench at that time. We can’t help but think that Mourinho himself can be the one who gets the man who took his previous job fired.

We are very aware that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must be very nervous about what can happen on Wednesday.

Before that match, the Red Devils will get another visit from Aston Villa on Sunday.

Losing this game against the ‘Villains’ can make things even more complicated than they already are before facing Spurs.

This lack of quality in certain areas that De Gea is talking about won’t get fixed overnight for Manchester United.

This is a problem that will persist for the rest of the season regardless of who is sitting on the bench. 

Which areas are in dire need of a major upgrade for Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.