Opinion: Marcelo has one last chance to convince Zidane

We need to analyze Marcelo’s chances to actually keep his spot inside Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid for the upcoming season in Spain.

Marcelo’s last season at Real Madrid was arguably one of the most disappointing of his career, things changed to the better with Zinedine Zidane’s return.

The Brazilian left-back was left on the bench by youth academy product, Sergio Reguilon.

It was a very complicated moment for the Brazil international, who was also left out of the national team for the Copa America that is currently being played in his own country.

All of these issues made Marcelo take a closer look at his priorities, he started dedicating himself to the gym and we got a ripped Marcelo as a result.

But more than doing this for himself, the player doesn’t want to let Zinedine Zidane down during the manager’s second spell.

Together, Marcelo and ‘Zizou’ won three consecutive Champions League trophies and they formed a unique bond together.

Even though the left-back never played well on defense, there was a time when he truly made an effort to impress Zidane and his lack of skills weren’t that obvious to the naked eye.

The French manager and Cristiano Ronaldo’s sudden departure were important factors that affected Marcelo, he suddenly didn’t feel as invested in playing for Real Madrid.

We soon saw pictures of an overweight player during the summer of 2018, we knew something changed in him.

Last season was a complete disaster for Marcelo, just as it was for many Real Madrid players who simply got tired of winning.

The Brazilian became blacklisted as many other players from the squad, they didn’t look like they wanted to continue playing for the team.

Whether it was for Santiago Solari or Julen Lopetegui, Marcelo wasn’t all there.

Sergio Reguilon started coming up through the ranks and quickly took the Brazilian’s place in the starting XI, the press quickly started speculating about his future.

There were rumors of Marcelo possibly leaving to play at Juventus with his friend Cristiano Ronaldo, but something happened at the end of the season that changed Marcelo’s outlook in life again.

The player is very aware of how important Real Madrid has been for his life, which is why he decided to make an effort and he began working out again.

This happened even before Zinedine Zidane made the shocking decision to return to Real Madrid, Marcelo wanted to bring back the best version of himself.

He at least owed the fans one more effort before he truly started feeling like a veteran.

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Not going to the Copa America was perhaps the biggest blow for his ego, this is what gave Marcelo the last push that he needed.

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Zidane expressed his trust in Marcelo.

With the French manager’s return, Marcelo’s spot inside the squad still wasn’t a sure thing. Rumors of him leaving to Juventus were still ongoing but Zidane had to step in to silence all of that.

In fact, Marcelo was the very first player to secure his position in Zidane’s new project out of the list of names who were on the way out.

This demonstration of loyalty from the gaffer was something that Marcelo couldn’t overlook, which is why he started training even harder for the new season.

The pictures of the player’s body are proof that ‘Zizou’ really got under Marcelo’s skin, he is actually stronger and fitter than ever.

There are even videos of the man online doing backflips at the beach, rocking the six pack.

When recently asked about Zidane during an interview, Marcelo explained what the manager means to him.

“It’s a joy having Zidane back on board. We are very close friends, I see him as my big brother. I was very happy with his return.”

“Not only because I knew I was going to play more, but also because I knew everybody would be happier to have him back with us.”

What do you think about Marcelo’s recent transformation? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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