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Opinion: Martin Odegaard’s golden chance vs Real Madrid

Martin Odegaard, Real Madrid
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The Copa del Rey quarterfinals will give Martin Odegaard a golden chance to prove himself against Real Madrid next week. 

Martin Odegaard has been one of the best La Liga players this season, but he still needs to prove himself further against Real Madrid.

The Norwegian playmaker’s contract currently belongs to Los Blancos. But they still haven’t decided on his future.

There is a very good possibility that they will decide to sell him to the highest bidder. Real Sociedad would love to keep him.

But Martin is convinced he can be a Real Madrid player who plays on a regular basis.

He knows how demanding Zinedine Zidane can get as a manager. Which is why he’s been preparing himself for the ideal opportunity.

Martin will get his next week in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

Real Sociedad is set to play against Los Blancos at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

This is exactly how Martin is supposed to get his proper time to shine against the club that owns his contract.

He already knows that Zinedine Zidane will be watching him closely, and he has high hopes to potentially convince him to make him a permanent Real Madrid player.

We know that Los Blancos will be very active in the summer transfer window, especially since they didn’t make major damage in the winter.

Zidane is changing his views on younger players. 

It took him a while, but Zidane is finally starting to see the benefits of buying promising talents over accomplished stars.

His results with players like Rodrygo Goes or Fede Valverde are really paying off.

The French manager had a very strict transfer policy in the past, but he learned from his previous mistakes.

Today, he is more inclined to give a youngster his chance as long as he has the required skill.

In order to play at Real Madrid, there is a level of performance that the players have to deliver in practice.

Every single footballer learned that Zidane is very picky during the sessions.

James Rodriguez is famously known for not making the biggest effort during practice. This why he isn’t playing regularly.

If Zidane likes what he sees in practice, he will probably consider any player for the official games.

This is how some of the players who appeared lost were able to regain their trust.

Everybody at Real Madrid knows that success at Real Madrid is completely merit-based under ‘Zizou’.

That’s the reason Odegaard is very excited about the possibilities. He can trust his skills to take him back to Los Blancos. 

Odegaard is part of Real Madrid’s plans for the future. 

As long as he delivers this season for Real Sociedad. Martin Odegaard is a major part of Zidane’s plans for Real Madrid’s future.

The Norwegian youngster is considered at the same level as Toni Kroos, his ideal successor.

The French manager is keeping tabs on him in order to form an ideal midfield formation for the next ten years.

In an ideal world, ‘Zizou’ wants to put together a squad that has Paul Pogba leading them in midfield.

But well-accompanied by Odegaard and Fede Valverde.

These are the three players that are supposed to replace veterans Kroos, Modric, and eventually Casemiro.

Real Madrid truly has big plans for the next decade. They want to continue their dominance from the previous one.

Zinedine Zidane looks like he has everything perfectly crafted. We have a strong feeling that things will work out for him perfectly.

The Frenchman usually gets what he wants, he already confessed that he has been fortunate throughout his life. 

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