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Opinion: Matthijs de Ligt needed today’s goal against Torino

Matthijs de Ligt
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We need to discuss how much Matthijs de Ligt needed today’s goal against Torino in Serie A, it was a giant boost of confidence. 

We’ve been talking about how difficult this season has been for Matthijs de Ligt, he really needed today’s goal against Torino at the Turin Derby.

Juventus played one of the most important matches of the season, which is the game that determines who is the top club in the city.

These confrontations are never easy for any of the two sides, Torino always puts up a great fight and today was no exception.

The match took place at Grande Torino Stadium, which was already a high risk for the Serie A leaders.

Internazionale Milano’s result forced them to get the victory, and the tension was running high amongst the players.

They knew that this season is very different compared to the previous ones.

The Italian clubs are making significant upgrades to their rosters and football is way more competitive right now due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival.

The ingredients for an exciting night were all there, and we never thought this game would be easy for either side.

In fact, this was a classic defensive Serie A game that highlights what Cantenaccio is all about.

These types of matches are the ones that usually end up with a 1-0 result or a goalless draw because both sides are brilliant on the defense. 

Needless to say, tonight wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo’s evening. The Portuguese forward tried to penetrate Torino’s defense in any way he could, but he simply wasn’t having his night.

Only a defensive mistake or a set-piece goal would change the outcome of this game, and Matthijs de Ligt could finally get his moment to shine.

The young Dutchman has been struggling to find his better form during the course of this season, he even confirmed how difficult it’s been for him to adapt.

But in that learning curve, De Ligt has managed to improve several aspects of his tactical game and that made him a better player.

When he made his decision to choose Juventus over FC Barcelona, he was aware that only through more playing time would he improve as a footballer.

The injury that Giorgio Chiellini suffered at the start of the season was a blessing in disguise.

Matthijs knew he would go through a difficult period but today was a fresh start for him.

Apart from keeping a clean sheet in an away match, Matthijs also scored the winner during a corner kick for Juventus.

A well-placed volley was the goal that gave his club the chance to claim three golden points, and filled him with confidence for the next match he will play. 

Juventus road ahead in all competitions. 

This 0-1 victory leaves Juventus at the top of the Serie A table with 29 units, it also lets Internazionale Milano know that winning the title won’t be easy this year.

Before the international break in mid-November, Juventus will travel to Russia next week and play against Lokomotiv Moscow.

After this UEFA Champions League match, the Old Lady will play another Italian Derby against AC Milan during next weekend’s Sunday.

This result was very important for Juventus ahead of the two games that are coming, they required this win in order to get the confidence they needed to face the Rossoneri.

But more importantly, Matthijs de Ligt finally got a taste of the player that he will inevitably become in the future.

This is a day of celebration for the young Dutchman, he needed to experience a night like this in order to understand that not everything is lost.

The decision to ignore FC Barcelona’s offer wasn’t wrong, De Ligt was right to choose Italian football in order to become a better player.

After all, he is still a teenager and he has a whole career ahead of him. 

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