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Opinion: Matthijs de Ligt should make up his mind already

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Time to talk about Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt, we believe he should make up his mind about his future and stop wasting everybody’s time.

Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt had a tremendous season both for AFC Ajax and the Netherlands National team, but he needs to make up his mind already.

Even though we are aware that the Dutch defender is still a teenager, there is absolutely no reason for him to keep playing with the feelings of several fan bases.

The player that is currently being represented by Mino Raiola is currently focused on the Netherlands National Team, he will face England next week.

However, De Ligt should address his immediate future as soon as he finishes playing for his country and not let a single minute pass.

The initial sensation that everybody had was that Matthijs already had an agreement with FC Barcelona, but this has been constantly debunked by several media outlets.

In England, the press actually believes that this player will end up at Manchester United this summer.

There are too many clubs currently nosing in to sign this player, this includes some of the most powerful in the continent.

FC Barcelona believed they were already sold on getting this defender before the end of the summer, they believed that he would pick them over any other club.

What has made Matthijs de Ligt change his mind?

This is quite easy to call, the Dutch defender has apparently changed his decision to play for Barcelona due to the general climate in world football.

The Spanish La Liga is no longer the best competition in the world, there are many other squads that are currently trying to perform better.

There is no question that this season has given us the Premier League back to its glory days, De Ligt caught a whiff of this and he started hesitating.

The youngster suddenly believes that he could play for a club that will bring him more trophies during his career, he does this by leaving Barcelona supporters wondering about his future.

The mistake that Matthijs is making can be described as a lack of knowledge for one of the most historic clubs in the world, and one of the best leagues as well.

Underestimating either FC Barcelona or Real Madrid is the worst mistake that anybody could make.

These two clubs are built to get back up within the span of a single season, their prestige is renowned all over the world and several players want to compete with them.

Just ask players like Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, and even Frenkie de Jong about which players they pick to continue their careers.


Matthijs de Ligt is currently wasting too much time, this could eventually anger the Catalan club and they will go after another player.

Tuttosport just published that Juventus FC has already made AFC Ajax an €85 million offer for the defender, which is actually the first serious one the club has gotten over the summer.

De Ligt is obviously happy for being so popular amongst the best clubs in the world, his performances this season have given him the luxury of choosing his most preferred destination.

Manager Louis van Gaal also recommended De Ligt to sign for Manchester City, the options are too many to count.

The player recently gave a transfer updated that was picked up by The Mirror.

“I am very excited about what the nearest future may bring me, but I am also calm, I see it as a challenge, that is the most important thing.”

“There are several options, what I do is to see which is the best option, it seems logical that one option is better than the other.”

“It could be difficult, but I am a normal Dutchman, I am not very different from the rest, maybe abroad everything will be more intense.”

We believe that Matthijs de Ligt should be more specific about where he wants to go next, this will stop wasting everybody’s time.

The clubs that are currently interested in signing this player are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, PSG, Juventus, and Bayern Munich.

Which club would you like Matthijs de Ligt to pick this summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.