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Opinion: Matthijs de Ligt will make a great pair with Ronaldo

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It’s time to talk about the many possibilities that will come for Matthijs de Ligt with Cristiano Ronaldo, both players will make a great pair at Juventus.

As things stand at the moment, defender Matthijs de Ligt is closer to become a Juventus player thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s convincing.

The key moment happened after the UEFA Nations League final between Portugal and the Netherlands.

We could see Cristiano talking lively to De Ligt, the Dutch player later confirmed that the Juventus player asked him to play alongside him in Italy.

At the time, the youngster didn’t make a huge deal out of it but Ronaldo’s words remained with him until now.

This convincing got to a point where the Dutch player actually rejected the offers from FC Barcelona.

Matthijs preferred to entertain Juventus’ approach and the rumors point to him playing with Ronaldo instead of Messi.

Matthijs’ arrival could mean that the Old Lady is turning into an instant title contender for everything, we are talking about one of the best defenders in the world right now.

Alongside Virgil van Dijk, De Ligt is right up there among the best and Ronaldo obviously suffered him when Juventus got eliminated by Ajax in the Champions League.

Cristiano’s intention is to have a competitive squad next season in order to win this tournament for the sixth time in his career, he doesn’t care what it takes to get the best players around him.

The star convinced the club to offer De Ligt an elevated wage, €12 million per season to be exact.

Barcelona missed their opportunity, as usual.

We’ve established that FC Barcelona has a long history of poor planning in regards to transfers, they make some great additions but they mostly make mistakes.

The case of Matthijs de Ligt falls into the category of blatant errors for the Catalan club, they really messed it up with this player.

FC Barcelona has always been one of those clubs that can’t read the atmosphere of a player’s talent, De Ligt certainly proved that he is worth taking any risk.

There is nothing that suggests this player won’t blow up and become the best centre-back in the world very soon, but Barcelona preferred to not go after him or reach his economic pretensions.

The player that this club lets off the hook, is a player that other squads will sign.

Juventus was quick to act after Barcelona’s lethargic reaction to De Ligt’s demands, this player will make a great pair with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese player is already getting at least one of the demands he made when last season ended, he knows De Ligt will make Juventus stronger and he is confident on the youngster’s capabilities.

Juventus is building the best possible squad for the Portuguese star’s pretensions, they knew that Ronaldo could leave them if they didn’t fulfill his wishes.


Mino Raiola was key in the negotiations.

The report from Sky Sports suggests that Juventus is set to make Matthijs de Ligt their second highest paid player, only behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

The fee that the Italian giants are set to pay Ajax is €70 million, a number that FC Barcelona was willing to match but they refused to offer that wage to the player.

The biggest problem of this operation was Mino Raiola, the agent has a terrible reputation amongst several clubs in European football.

However, the Juventus officials don’t mind dealing with Mino as long as he brings them the best players to the squad.

The club obviously wants to get on Raiola’s good side, mostly because they are also after one of his most prominent clients this summer: Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba.

The Red Devils don’t want Pogba to leave but the player has apparently decided to leave the English club this summer, whatever it takes.

Given that Real Madrid is not making a final decision about the Frenchman, Pogba prefers to make a comeback to Juventus instead of waiting for Florentino Perez to make up his mind.

Juventus is taking the upper hand in the summer transfer window, Ronaldo is slowly getting the best possible players to compete for the Champions League next season.

How would you imagine a partnership between Ronaldo and De Ligt at Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.