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Opinion: Maurizio Sarri’s terrible mistake at Chelsea

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Let’s break down the main reason why Maurizio Sarri is failing miserably at Chelsea, he has a midfield problem that he started noting from the beginning.

With the Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City right around the corner, one would think that manager Maurizio Sarri has some chances to defeat the powerful Manchester City given how competitive of a squad he has.

The Blues are amongst the most powerful clubs in European football, they started the season on the right foot and they have proved that they can become one of the best clubs in the Premier League after winning two of the last five titles in the domestic competition under two different managers.

But for some reason, the players haven’t felt comfortable with their last two bosses after the first successful season and something very similar is happening with Maurizio Sarri.

However, the problem that the Italian manager is going through has less to do with his relationship with the players and more to do with the tactical decisions he’s made since the start of the season.

The specific problem that Maurizio Sarri has is related to the midfielders he places to execute his ideas, the man is completely compromised by his taste for Jorginho over the obvious N’Golo Kante choice as the squad’s defensive midfielder.

The former Napoli boss seems to have promised the Brazilian player a spot on his new Chelsea squad, but he never even considered that the Blues already had the best defensive midfielder in the world at their disposal.

Sarri didn’t really care about what Kante could offer him on midfield, he was determined to use Jorginho as his main man and things were bound to get distorted sooner or later for the team.

At first, it looked like his new player was doing things properly and Chelsea had some great results during the initial months of the competition, but Jorginho was coming from a competition where the speed is much slower and he arrived in what can arguably be considered the fastest tournament in the world.

Jorginho quickly started showing weaknesses and he realized that he wasn’t enough for this pace, N’Golo Kante was the obvious choice to replace the Italy international but Maurizio Sarri refused to give up his ideas and kept using the Frenchman as an attacking midfielder instead of leaving him on his natural position.

Bad results have been non-stop ever since, next Sunday could become a complete disaster for Chelsea if Maurizio Sarri doesn’t get his act together and finally accepts that he messed up.

But using N’Golo Kante as a defensive midfielder is something that perhaps is more complicated for a manager like Sarri, mainly because of the formation he loves using on his squads.

The Italian boss has always preferred a 4-3-3 formation and Kante has won the most important titles of his career in a 4-4-2 formation, he did it first at Leicester City, he did it at Chelsea under Antonio Conte, and he also won the World Cup with France with that same formation.

In every single one of these competitions that he won, Kante was an essential component that the managers always featured as the glue that kept the squad together.

Sarri even had a chance to use Kante in this position during Chelsea’s last match against Malmo in the UEFA Europa League as Jorginho didn’t play, but the manager decided to place Mateo Kovacic there and he still used the French midfielder as a right-winger.

If nothing weird happens on Sunday, Maurizio Sarri will use Jorginho as his go-to defensive midfielder and he will feature Kante on the same position where he hasn’t been able to fully express his abilities throughout the season.

It’s quite evident who is to blame for Chelsea’s results, a man who doesn’t accept he made a mistake and will get sacked with his ideas intact.

Why do you think Maurizio Sarri doesn’t want to use N’Golo Kante as Chelsea’s defensive midfielder? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.