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Opinion: Messi and Ronaldo getting along enriches football

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After the explosive Ronaldo interview we experienced for iTV, we gather that him and Lionel Messi getting along enriches football.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been part of the most important golden page in football history, they can even be compared to other great rivalries in sports.

Only other sports figures such as Nadal vs Federer, Yankees vs Red Sox, Frazier vs Ali, Beckenbauer vs Cruyff, or Pele vs Maradona.

We dare say that none of these rivalries come close to the many years that Messi and Ronaldo gave us, these two legends managed to give us the entertainment we never imagined we could get from a sport.

Even people who don’t like football can get around falling in love with it by looking at what these two did.

Even though we also loved how gruesome the rivalry got when Cristiano played at Real Madrid in the very beginning of it all, both players reached a point of maturity.

Contrary to previous years when they truly hated watching the other guy win the awards, there is a healthy rivalry still in the air that dignifies this sport and elevates it to the highest level.

The truly sensationalist news outlets will always tell you that controversy is better, that a nasty rivalry will sell more.

But we are here to tell you that there is no feeling like the one these two made us feel when they praised each other.

Finding two sports rivals who can find it in themselves to say good things about each other is so rare these days, it is something that the world needs right now as we go through the most difficult time in modern history.

With such a major division between people for their difference of opinion, hearing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi talking wonders about each other is nothing short of refreshing.

Nobody wants either of these two players to retire, but that dreadful moment is approaching fast as time keeps going by.

There is no way of finding the best way to preserve these two players in a state of never-ending youth so they can keep entertaining us for many more years.

All we have are the memories that we can always find in a Youtube video, but there has to be a giant company that gets the rights to produce a proper documentary about these two.

Ronaldo’s recent words about Messi are in no way offensive, it is true that these two weren’t always the best friends but Cristiano was the one who seemed slightly more obsessed with beating Messi at every single competition.

We can even tell you that one of the major reasons he decided to play at Real Madrid, was to have direct competition with Leo as he knew that this would make him improve as a player.

None of them would be as good without the other.

Although we are certain that each of these two players would’ve still made history if they were born in different eras, we can guarantee that they wouldn’t have become the legendary players they are today.

Ronaldo never said it publicly so adamantly until this recent interview, he recognizes that Leo pushed him to become a better player all the time.

We would love to see what a meeting between the two of them would be when they get to retire, we are sure that conversation would be very interesting.

These statements also contribute to combat the always annoying habit of comparing the two players, there is no need to put one player on top of the other.

We only need to look at their careers and realize that we have to feel lucky for getting to watch them both go at it for over 15 years.

We already entered the third act of this incredible movie, it has the potential to be just as exciting as the rest of the movie.

We know that both players will keep taking care of themselves until they have reached an advanced age, none of them will surrender because they both are obsessed with playing football.

Even now at this point in their career, you can still see their faces lighting up when they take the ball on their feet.

We will know it’s time for them to retire when that smile is no longer there.

Which other sports rivalry would you compare to the one Messi and Ronaldo gave us over the last 15 years? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.