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Opinion: Messi might leave Barcelona for his family’s safety

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With the whole situation in Catalonia, we need to explore the options that Lionel Messi might have to take at FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona is currently living through a tough moment with the situation in Catalonia, so hard that even Lionel Messi’s future is at stake.

The Argentine star has already threatened to leave FC Barcelona if the political situation in the country doesn’t improve.

Messi obviously wouldn’t agree with a possible modification of La Liga, a scenario in which FC Barcelona would be compelled to leave Spanish football and form part of the Catalan league.

All Lionel Messi cares for his career right now, is to end what has already been a brilliant run on a high note.

This means that Leo wants to at least win another UEFA Champions League before he retires, and he would be willing to leave the Catalan club if these conditions aren’t met by the institution.

This is exactly the reason Leo decided to include that part of his previous contract extension, the one in which he is free to leave if he doesn’t feel like the club will grant him the titles he still wants.

This is the current situation with Leo Messi’s future at the club, but the player recently spoke to the press about the possibility to sign a new contract extension and end his career at the club he loves.

However, the recent events in Barcelona have the power to change Messi’s opinion completely.

To those to have no idea, Catalonia has been a war zone for the last three days and even next week’s El Clasico has been moved to December 18.

La Liga is afraid for the safety of the Real Madrid players who would’ve traveled to Barcelona a week from today.

The increasing unrest in Barcelona has placed a lot of people in a state of emergency, but even players from the Catalan club have suffered consequences.

It was just a couple day ago when Ivan Rakitic was spotted walking out of El Pratt Airport after his plane landed.

Thousands of protesters halted operations at the airport and dozens of flights got canceled. Not too soon after that, the night came to Catalonia and violence erupted on the streets.

To those who know where to look, Twitter was an ideal place to watch videos of everything that was going on in the city.

While the independence supporters decided to peacefully protest, a small part of them wanted to create chaos inside the city.

Also, an important group of alt-right fascists who support the country of Spain were spotted beating protesters.

This quickly turned into hell on earth, and it has been going on for days. All this situation has every single FC Barcelona player worried, but the supporters should be worried as well.

Messi is afraid of his family’s safety.

Given how quickly the situation escalated in just days, it’s not strange to think about many of the FC Barcelona players thinking about their future at the club.

Although Messi has children who were born in Catalonia, the Argentine player has always remained neutral to any type of political statement.

He has always respected the ideology of the people who believe Catalonia should be independent, but he knows that mixing football with politics is not a good idea.

With the situation as delicate as it is, perhaps he wouldn’t mind looking into new options if things don’t change over the next few months.

Judging on how difficult the climate is in the country, there is no indication that a peaceful resolution between both sides will come any time soon.

There may even come a time in which the independence supporters start thinking about a revolution within Catalonia.

If this happened, you can be damn sure that payers as important as Leo Messi won’t hesitate to leave the country and look for a different destination.

It would be incredibly sad if this happened, but Leo knows that his family is above any political ideology.

If you were in Messi’s shoes, what would you do if this situation in Catalonia escalates even further? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.