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Opinion: Messi never wanted to play for Real Madrid

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One of Real Madrid’s board members, confessed that the Spanish giants did try to sign Lionel Messi but never had the chance to convince Barcelona.

Lionel Messi’s possible transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid was an urban myth that people never wanted to believe, but the truth has been uncovered this weekend.

One the club’s most prominent members is a renowned cardiologist named Jeronimo Farre, he recently offered an interview to El Mundo’s medical section.

This man has been linked to Real Madrid as an associate since 1963, he is one of Florentino Perez’s oldest friends and a prominent member of the club’s board of directors.

This man has been part of the new ‘Galacticos’ era that lived through two different periods under the president, he is one of the people who makes the calls in the club.

Real Madrid trying to sign players from FC Barcelona is nothing new, they’ve done it for decades and they have succeeded sometimes with devastating effects against the Catalan club.

Perhaps the most memorable transfer of this nature they made was Luis Figo’s controversial exit from Camp Nou.

The Portuguese player was Florentino’s strongest elections card, the club’s associates basically elected him as president because he promised to take Barcelona’s best player at the time.

Perez always loved the idea of hurting his rivals from his office, he did it by signing their best players and making his own squad unbeatable in the process.


This practice is very common in giant clubs such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, they win championships before even getting on the pitch.

Florentino has always been obsessed with signing the very best players in football history for his squad, he always attempted to copy the same model that Santiago Bernabeu had during his time as president.

During that decade of the ’50s, Real Madrid had an impressive roster that included Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas, Francisco Gento, Raymond Kopa, among other great players.

Los Blancos’ squad from that era was truly unbeatable, they won five consecutive European Cups at the time.

This same model always seduced Florentino, he has recreated it twice already with two different generations of ‘Galacticos’.

The second generation was way more successful than the first one, but both of them were equally impressive.

However, Florentino did miss on signing the player that people see as the best who ever lived.

It’s not that he didn’t try, Barcelona simply refused to sell him every time that Perez came asking for him.

If the Catalan club had accepted an offer, there is no doubt that Florentino would’ve probably paid a record sum of money without hesitation.

Speaking to El Mundo, Farre offered a small football history class and revealed the urban myth about Messi as a reality.

“Real Madrid has the most compelling success story in the league and the European Cup,” said Farre during the interview.

“We’ve had our difficult times in the past as well. There are cycles. We had a very successful cycle with Alfredo Di Stefano and many great players from that era such as Rial, Puskas, Gento, Raymond Kopa, Santamaria.”

“That group of players gave us our first five European Cups. Under Florentino’s presidency, we had another brilliant era with Raul, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, Bale, and Cristiano Ronaldo most of all.”

“Cristiano’s contribution has been capital for us. Florentino always tried to reproduce the Bernabeu model in the football world, which consisted of having the best players in the world.”

“If Messi hasn’t played at Real Madrid, is only because we couldn’t sign him when we tried. Because being the great player that he is, his transfer was never really possible or something that we could undertake.”

“The other mega-crack was Cristiano Ronaldo, and we’ve enjoyed his talent for nine consecutive seasons.”

How many more titles would’ve Real Madrid won if they signed Lionel Messi? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.