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Opinion: Mino Raiola got away with it again with De Ligt

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Infamous agent Mino Raiola did it again, he completed his bidding and criticized the press for reporting “bullshit” about Matthijs de Ligt.

The images of Matthijs de Ligt coming into the Juventus medical facility were nothing short of tacky, mostly because agent Mino Raiola was there to greet him.

Always looking to be the center of attention with his behavior, the infamous agent was the biggest winner of this week’s transfer window again.

He did it back when he made Paul Pogba the most expensive player in the world back in 2016, and he did it again with Matthijs de Ligt’s transfer to Juventus.

We can’t forget that the Dutch player was almost convinced that playing for Barcelona was his destiny, he wanted to join Frenkie de Jong at the Catalan club.

But Raiola is always there to mess it all up, the agent decided to offer his young player in an auction and the highest bidder took him.

Juventus is the club that offered the fattest paycheck to both his client and him, they also €75 million to AFC Ajax.

FC Barcelona refused to pay De Ligt what Juventus was offering him, which was just over €12 million per season after tax.

Raiola keeps contaminating his clients with the idea that money should always be the most important aspect of a player’s career.

Matthijs de Ligt is the living proof of this, but he is not the first footballer who falls under this empty philosophy.

Others have done it as well under Mino, we can make a list of them if you want.

The fact that Raiola is coming after all the media outlets who reported on the very real meetings that he held with Barcelona, speaks about the broken relationship he has with this club.

Ever since things didn’t work out between the Blaugrana and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Riola has kept a grudge against them.

Every single time Barcelona wants a player that Mino has, they are willing to negotiate but he always goes out of his way to make things very difficult.

It’s simple, the Spanish giants can’t negotiate with Mino Raiola’s clients for fair prices.

The words coming out of his mouth right after Matthijs de Ligt’s medical exams took place, are too revealing of his bad history with Barça.

“Barcelona? You all wrote so much bullsh*t! Not even Walt Disney could’ve written so much of it,” said Raiola via Goal.

“It’s not a question of who wanted him most, but Juve is the best team for him. For a defender it is important to come to Italy. If you are to become the greatest in the world, it is a necessary stage.”

“He’s the number one among the youngsters. He’s like [Pavel] Nedved, maybe more than him, for his mentality and he’s like Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] for his ambition. He has it all.”

“I live one day at a time, we’ll see what happens with Pogba. I’m here today, I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.”

A similar thing is happening with Real Madrid and Pogba.

On the positive side of things, we do have to give props to Raiola for always taking care of his clients.

He always makes sure they get paid handsomely and he always accommodates them in world-class clubs.

Matthijs de Ligt has the talent to become very successful at Juventus alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, this will go a long way with the Dutch player.

This man’s philosophy consists of treating all his clients like family, which is something that they always appreciate about Mino.

The case with Paul Pogba is one of the most compelling, as the French midfielder made Riola even wealthier than he already was when he moved from Juventus to Manchester United.

Now it’s Raiola’s turn to give back to the player, who is desperate to play under Zinedine Zidane.

The problem right now is that Manchester United is not keen on selling their biggest star.

Florentino Perez refuses to pay what they request (€200m), but Zidane still wants to have Pogba under his command next season.

Raiola took a rash approach to the situation by making some very aggressive public statements, words that Manchester United didn’t like.

For now, the agent took a step back and he is letting the situation play out over the next two weeks. We don’t know where Paul will end up next season.

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