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Opinion: Moise Kean has everything to dominate England

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We’ll talk to you about Moise Kean’s road to the top, the Italian striker has everything to dominate England for the next decade if he wants.

Moise Kean’s story before coming to England is very similar to the ones from the greatest players who ever lived, he was also brought up in humble beginnings.

The young Italian striker grew up in a town called Asti, which is only 35 miles east of Turin.

Coming from a working-class family, Kean was spotted from a very early age when he accompanied his brother Giovanni to practice at A.C.D. Asti.

The club’s former president immediately realized this kid’s talent was unique, he was quickly taken by Torino during his formative years but he didn’t last for too long.

Turns out that the other club from the city wasn’t prepared to take proper care of a player as talented as he was, they weren’t able to pay for his daily trips from Asti to the big city.

Juventus quickly caught wind of this situation and they didn’t hesitate to sign him as a youngster, Kean quickly called his mother to tell her that she wouldn’t have to work anymore.

Juve agreed to pay for his family’s relocation near the club’s training facilities, they knew that this type of player needed to complete his formation and he would rapidly make his debut with the first squad.

This day finally came during the 2016-17 season, Moise was only 16 years, eight months, and 23 days.

After his debut against Pescara, Kean went on to establish several precocious records for Juventus.

Records and goals came at the same time for Kean.

After his initial debut in Serie A, this youngster made his debut int he Champions League three days later.

It was an away match that Juventus played against Sevilla at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

Kean played for seven minutes in his side’s 1-3 victory, this made him become the first player who was born after the year 2000 to play an official Champions League match in football history.

But the journey was only getting started for Moise Kean, he was about to end his very special debut season on a high note.

With a winner against Bologna on the very last match of that season, Moise Kean also became the first player born after the year 2000 to score a Serie A goal.

His growth was too great to ignore, it was all happening too fast and Juventus didn’t have a secured spot for him in the starting XI.

This pushed the board to send Kean on a one-year loan to Hellas Verona, where he kept delivering great performances.

The youngster played 20 matches for that club before returning to Juventus, Max Allegri knew that he had a very special player on his hands.

Kean had different plans for himself, he knew that he couldn’t keep growing if he remained at Juventus.

The Old Lady has one of the most star-studded clubs in the world, Moise Kean needed a different place where he could become one of the most important names.

Kean’s new challenge at Everton.

Given that he is Italian and from African descent, comparing Kean to Mario Balotelli becomes inevitable.

But the color of their skin is one of the few aspects that can be compared from these two players, Moise has a much more stable environment to grow.

Contrary to what Mario did during his career, Kean actually grew up in a safe household that allows him to value his surroundings very differently from Balotelli.

The youngster’s arrival in England is fantastic news for not just the Toffies, but the whole country.

Not every day you find a truly world-class player who is willing to take over the competition with his talent.

Moise Kean will start growing quickly at Everton with no opposition to compete against him, this is a talent who has everything to become one of the best players in the world over the next five years.

We are living in a very strange age, one that is giving us more and more young talents who have untapped potential.

Moise Kean is the most recent example of what can happen when a world-class talent is not slowed down by the system, he will grow to become one of the best in the world due to the good decisions he’s made over the years.


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