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Opinion: Moreno should get an apology from Luis Enrique

Robert Moreno
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After Luis Enrique’s explosive press conference on Wednesday, we believe he should apologize to Robert Moreno for his remarks. 

Luis Enrique’s fall out with Robert Moreno during his time of grief was poorly handled by everybody, we believe an apology is in order.

The fact that the Spain coach suffered a terrible personal loss is not an excuse to act in the manner that he did.

Going public with accusations of a private matter that should’ve been handled between the parties involved is not the best way to operate.

But Luis Enrique has always been this way, he prefers to have some leverage and the support from the press.

Holding on to the tragedy that just struck his family, Luis Enrique knew that no member of the press would question his judgment and he decided to speak on Wednesday.

However, it was obvious that Moreano wouldn’t take any more abuse from the Spanish manager.

Robert decided to take a little time in order to tell his side of the story.

The coach vehemently denied any accusation that Luis Enrique launched against him, he has no idea where this is coming from.

We have a theory of our own and a culprit of this mess, but we need to share what Robert Moreno told the press on Thursday.

In a public statement he made in front of the press without taking any questions, Moreno defended himself. 

Robert Moreno’s response to Luis Enrique. 

“Nobody knew how long Luis Enrique’s situation was going to last, but we consulted him about everything,” Moreno told Marca.

“Before the meeting on September 12 he told me that I did what I had to do and that he felt proud of me.”

“Then what happened, happened [with his daughter’s death] and a week after coming together with the Spain players I went to see him and show him my support.”

“Then he told me he counted on everyone but me. I wondered what had I done wrong and he didn’t want to count on me.”

“From there I found out for the first time that Luis Enrique wanted to return.”

“It was in Cadiz, and it was because of you [journalists] that I began to realize that he wanted to return.”

“Nine years ago I started with Luis Enrique at Barcelona B,” Moreno continued.”

“We went to Roma, he didn’t want to continue and we followed him. We waited a year for him, doing nothing. We were at Celta Vigo and that’s when what everyone wants came: [coaching] a big team.”

“Then he didn’t want to continue and he said he wouldn’t coach again. We said we would wait for him. He said we can continue and we left with [Juan Carlos] Unzue [at Celta].”

“As I am faithful, I told [Spain sporting director Jose Francisco] Molina that we had to agree on my departure.”

“I still don’t know why [Luis Enrique] doesn’t want me with him and I don’t know if I will ever know.”

“Not even yesterday after he explained it. I am the first one to be happy that Luis Enrique came back and [I will be glad if] this staff win the 2020 European Championship.”

“I really want to be a head coach again. It is my dream,” he concluded without taking any questions from the press.

We believe Luis Rubiales is to blame for this mess. 

The one name that keeps popping up when there is a major problem within the Spanish National Team is Luis Rubiales’.

The Spanish Football Federation’s president was also part of Julen Lopetegui’s dismissal from the squad in 2018.

This happened right before the World Cup when Florentino Perez decided to sign Julen as Real Madrid’s new manager.

Rubiales acted in a selfish manner by putting his pride above the national team’s best interest, and he didn’t hesitate to fire the coach.

In his place, Fernando Hierro coached the squad as the interim manager but the team didn’t get that far.

From the first moment this whole drama started, we kept thinking about Luis Rubiales’ role in all this.

Problems keep popping up and nobody ever blames him for anything, the man needs to be held accountable for his actions as well.

A long-lasting friendship was lost this week due to a misunderstanding.

It was obvious that pride wasn’t going to allow Luis Enrique to see things clearly, he is the one in the wrong here.

Robert Moreno was backstabbed by the federation, that’s the reality of what happened here. 

Who do you believe, Robert Moreno or Luis Enrique? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.