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Opinion: Mourinho could be the ideal Emery replacement

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After a couple of seasons with no titles, we believe that Jose Mourinho could be the ideal Unai Emery replacement at Arsenal FC.

The new season at Arsenal under Unai Emery is starting to feel strangely familiar to Wenger’s last years, we believe Jose Mourinho could be his ideal replacement.

The Portuguese manager has been making the rounds in recent weeks talking about how much he misses football, but he will only return if he finds a decent project.

Unai Emery is going through his second season at Arsenal and he is already creating animosity amongst the fans, they don’t like what he is doing in recent weeks.

The fact that the Gunners have already lost one game and tied a couple with the transfers they completed is simply unacceptable for the fans.

None of them want to get the same experience they had for decades under Wenger. There is an increasing sense that a new manager could be the answer, but they would need somebody who would really shake things up a bit.

The roster that Arsenal currently has, is amongst the most competitive in the world on paper.

A group of players that special requires a manager who can properly take them in the right direction, and perhaps Unai Emery is not the ideal man for that.

The latest Europa League defeat was one of the last terrible experiences that the Gunners family suffered and they are trying to move away from that as far as humanly possible.

Jose Mourinho might be the answer.

Given that he is currently without a club, Jose Mourinho is actually one of the most attractive answers on the market.

It wouldn’t be wise to bring him in right now, but he could very well come during the start of the summer after the current season is over.

The Portuguese manager needs a little more time resting from his most recent experience as Manchester United’s manager, a full year out of the game should be enough.

This means that Jose could take the Arsenal job after December, which is when the Red Devils decided to sack Mourinho.

Maybe the one thing that this manager needs is going back to basics, coaching a club that is not one of the very best but has a lot of untapped potential.

The track record he has is living proof that Jose works better with squads that are not in the elite but do have the resources to create a competitive squad.

The man did it when he coached FC Porto with a much more limited team, and he also did wonders at Internazionale Milano with not even half the budget Arsenal currently has.

Just imagine everything the Portuguese coach could do with the Gunners and everything the club has at the moment.

There is no way that he won’t be able to get the best out of players such as Aubameyang, Lacazette, or Nicolas Pepe.

Jose still likes the Real Madrid option.

Perhaps the only obstacles for Jose Mourinho to coach Arsenal are Unai Emery refusing to leave, or Mou waiting for Real Madrid to knock on his door again.

We already know how much the Portuguese manager relishes the idea of someday going back to Los Blancos.

Jose has repeatedly stated that his best years as a professional manager were in Madrid, this is where he made some of the biggest achievements.

Plus, the man is still sour about not winning the UEFA Champions League and this is clearly something he wants to accomplish before he retires.

The ultimate goal Mourinho has is to win the European competition in three different countries, he’s only done it in Portugal and Italy thus far.

The idea of possibly winning his third UEFA Champions League as the Real Madrid manager may be exiting for Mourinho.

However, we are convinced that the coach would love to win this same title for Arsenal and do what Wenger wasn’t able to accomplish throughout the two decades he coached the Gunners.

Unai Emery may have caused a good impression by reaching the Europa League final last season, but he certainly isn’t keeping the fans happy with his most recent results in the Premier League.

Do you think Jose Mourinho would be a good option to replace Unai Emery? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.