Opinion: Neymar is only guilty of being extremely naive

After more revelations about Neymar’s rape accusations were revealed today, we can say he is only guilty of being extremely naive and stupid.

The nightmare two years for Neymar are still officially ongoing after the fresh injury he suffered for Brazil on Wednesday, but we believe he isn’t guilty of anything.

This past Wednesday was a roller coaster of emotions for the Brazilian star, who was scheduled to play an international friendly with his country against Qatar and even started the match.

While that was happening, the woman who is accusing him of raping her appeared on national television to “speak her truth” about the alleged assault.

She firmly stated that she isn’t after money and all she cares about is retribution for suffering such a traumatic experience.

However, there are many inconsistencies that paint her as a person who planned to set Neymar up and blackmail him.

We recently spoke about the CBF’s vice-chairman recommending the player to step down from the Copa America, he spoke about a video that would really hurt the player and was coming out last Wednesday in the media.

This video was supposed to have the footballer behaving in a violent manner against the victim, but this new piece of evidence completely backfired against the woman.

What really happened in the video.

As soon as this alleged proof of Neymar’s crime was dropped online, we took our time to watch it and we came up with our own assessment.

The woman claims that this video is evidence that Neymar was already behaving in a violent manner before the alleged sexual assault took place.

This whole part of the accusation is already quite fishy from the start, mainly because no rape victim sets up a camera that can record a rape before it takes place.

This video actually leaves the alleged “victim” as a person who tried to take advantage of a millionaire football player and her strategy didn’t work.

In the footage, we can see how the camera was already set up when the model jumps in the bed with Neymar.

Both were clearly consenting what was happening and the woman conveniently moves into the frame to start hitting Neymar repeatedly.

The player looks confused with what’s happening, he tries to defend himself and that’s when the video ends.

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We have to say that after looking at this footage several times, we can’t see any type of premeditated violence from Neymar against the alleged victim.

If anything, Neymar is guilty of being naive and making the decision to meet a woman he made contact with through social media.

People who know about the constant scams that happen through there will tell you, blackmails like this are very common nowadays.

Neymar’s father thinks his son was assaulted, not the alleged victim.

While talking to Record TV about the video the website made public, Neymar’s father defends his son and accuses the alleged victim of blackmail.

“I really don’t think I have to defend my son from anything, the images speak for themselves,” said Neymar senior on Record TV during a piece of the interview picked up by Marca.

“It’s evident that this video was forced and staged. This footage will only prove that my son is the one who was assaulted.”

“This woman is the one who provokes the aggression that makes my son respond in order to defend himself.”

“Neymar realized everything that was happening was completely staged. All we have to do in order to know he is defending himself from being assaulted is to look at the footage.”

“This is clearly staged and the people are realizing what’s happening. When he came into the room the recording was already set.”

“We believe that the content of the full video should be made public, that can help the ongoing investigation reach a better conclusion.”

“This is exactly what the police are trying to do, find all the images this woman has,” he concluded.

Do you think Neymar is guilty of the accusations or is he being blackmailed? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.


  1. Hi I am Brazilian and I have to say you said something wrong here. This was their second encounter at the hotel (after the alleged assault). She said in the interview she set up the camera to get back at him from their first date. However, no one seems to believe her and it all seems as if she was teasing him to hit her back. It seems he stood her up on the second day and only went to see her again the 3rd day and she was pissed for being stood up!


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