Opinion: Neymar Junior is the Justin Bieber of Football

We have a compelling argument in order to make a logical comparison between Neymar and Justin Bieber, we will tell you our reasons why.

It’s safe to say by this point of Neymar’s career that he is a hated figure in football, maybe just as much as Justin Bieber is hated in the music world.

The Brazilian forward has been struggling with the consequences of his own decisions for several years now, it all really started from his days at Santos FC.

The difference is that fans didn’t hate him as much as they do now because they simply didn’t know him better.

But Neymar has always gotten hate from his peers that are not on the same squad as him, especially defenders.

Our first comparison of him with Justin Bieber comes with their unquestionable talent, both of them are truly great at what they do.

Neymar really is one of the best talents in recent Brazilian football history, we hadn’t seen someone as good as him since Ronaldinho.

Justin Bieber is much of the same, he is a music prodigy who began his career very early and does things that very few artists can do with his creativity.

Neymar never stops using his creativity, the problem is that he channels it in a negative manner that people tend to dislike.

The Canadian singer has the talent to play the Blues or the best type of Rock and Roll, but he decided to go on a route that not everybody liked and showboat along the way.

Neymar does a lot of the same with his skills, he can be practical and just as spectacular but he decided to play the worst type of football out there.

Any defender will tell you how much they hate a player who provokes them constantly, Neymar does this all the time and he gets his deserved fouls because of it.

And before you tell me that Ronaldinho played in a similar way, please note that the already retired star never did a flick or a trick without purpose or just to showboat.

Neymar always presents the ball in front of a defender to mock him, it is obvious that he gets kicked because of it.

The people around Neymar that keep defending him for playing like this are the ones that damage him the most, they blind him even further from the truth.

I would also like to note before I get bullied in the comments, that I recognize the talent both Neymar and Justin Bieber have, that has never been in doubt.

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It’s their decisions what makes me angry towards them both, all I see is an immense talent that is going to waste.

We can’t keep condoning this type of behavior from our most talented new blood, we have to take a step forward and make them understand that the world will be a better place when they share their skills with everybody in a more positive light.

Neymar’s latest incident with a fan

I’ve thought about this comparison for many years, but the latest incident Neymar had with a fan is what finally pushed me to write about it.

The Brazilian player wasn’t able to take any bullying from an airhead fan who was literally insulting all the PSG players right after losing the Coupe de France final.

The PSG star received the least insulting heckling compared to his teammates and yet he was the one who reacted the worst.

Although he did apologize later through Twitter, the damage was already done.

Neymar will likely get a suspension from French football that could at least cost him a good four matches.

This means that we won’t have Neymar playing during the first few weeks of next season if he decides to stay in France.

We honestly believe that this player should look in a mirror and try to realize where it all went wrong, we believe it was on the very moment he decided to leave FC Barcelona.

His decisions are what made him get to where he is today, falling to the abyss without anybody telling him that he is still doing a lot of things wrong.

Neymar said he wants to focus on the Copa America but he never spoke about learning from his own mistakes and that is terribly wrong.

What do you think Neymar should do in order to succeed in football again? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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