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Opinion: Neymar needs a world-class manager to improve

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We need to discuss a huge problem that Neymar is currently going through, which is his lack of discipline and how a top manager could fix it.

An image of Pep Guardiola talking to Aleix Garcia right after Man City’s match vs West Ham United, immediately made me think about how Neymar could improve.

The Brazilian player always had great success in his career but he still lacks that extra oomph that is required for him to become the best.

Throughout his whole career, there hasn’t been a single coach who has more personality than him and makes him see the mistakes he’s made along the way.

In order to find such a figure, this player needs to get paired with a manager who has an even bigger ego than he does.

Players like Neymar have a hard time listening to what their coach has to say, but they usually listen when they have a world-class legend in front of them.

Just think about Cristiano Ronaldo’s perfect pairing with Zinedine Zidane, or think about how Pep Guardiola helped Messi become the all-time great he is today.

If it wasn’t for the input that those managers had on those two players, they would be nowhere near where they are today.

Neymar still needs that guidance in his life, he requires somebody who can stand up to him and let him know the business when he misses up.

This is why we believe that going back to FC Barcelona is not going to help Neymar become the best, he will be one more piece of that ensemble that Lionel Messi leads.

The player thought he could become that presence of he played at PSG, but he still lacked the great manager to accompany him.

We are sorry but Thomas Tuchel is nowhere near the other managers that we just mentioned, he doesn’t have what it takes to get the best out of Neymar.

There is a small list of names that can do this, it is very limited but also very exclusive. We already mentioned Zidane and Guardiola, who are arguably the best options that Neymar has to reach the top of his potential.

But we also believe that Diego Simeone and Jurgen Klopp can easily get into this list, those two are also amongst the best managers in the world right now and they have the personality to deal with a player like him.

We don’t think that Ernesto Valverde has what it takes to get Neymar’s best performance level, he is too focused on not letting Messi fall apart and keeping the Argentine happy.

We actually think that the Brazilian shouldn’t even return to FC Barcelona but he knows no better way to keep winning trophies.

Neymar gave up on his dream.

The whole point of Neymar’s career from the very beginning was to become the best player in the world, he has the capacity to win the Ballon d’Or that his compatriots also won in the past.

It is well documented that Neymar’s biggest dream was to write his name next to giants like Ronaldo Nazario, Rivaldo, or Ronaldinho.

This was the main reason he went to Barcelona in the first place, but he wasn’t counting on being born in Cristiano and Messi’s era.

This affected Neymar’s plans on a fundamental level, which is also the reason he decided to move to PSG.

Perhaps his biggest mistake was to think that going to a club with no Champions League tradition was a good move if he wanted to become the best, he even found a new heir to the throne that he wasn’t expecting with Kylian Mbappe.

It is almost as if destiny doesn’t want Neymar to fulfill his dream. How does he react to such an obstacle?

The initial way to deal with this was to return where he had an easier life, Barcelona is where he was truly happy but he couldn’t fulfill his dream.

We believe that Neymar’s idea to leave and find his moment of Zen was spot on, he just executed it poorly.

The man should’ve found the ideal manager who could bring his better version out to play.

We believe that Neymar still has time to correct his mistakes, but we have a feeling he won’t do it.

Which manager could bring out the best in Neymar? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.