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Opinion: Neymar should play with Ronaldo at Juventus

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In the latest development of the Neymar saga, we believe he would be a perfect addition to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus side.

We still have no idea where Neymar will play next season, but reports from Italy suggest that Juventus is trying to get him to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

After we heard this, we were instantly convinced that the best option for Neymar’s future could be at Juventus and he should completely forget about going back to the Spanish La Liga.

Clearly, Italy and England are where the next Champions League winner will emerge. We already established that either Real Madrid nor FC Barcelona are currently going through a good moment in their history.

Both squads are struggling to find balance within their rosters for this new season, they both believe that Neymar can get them out of their problems if he plays for them.

However, the situations that both Spanish giants are currently going through can’t really be fixed with a single player.

Neymar shouldn’t feel obliged to play for either one of those clubs and maybe try to get a proper spot somewhere else, perhaps a squad where he is better appreciated.

The ideal spot for him has to be Juventus, there is a recent report of Neymar possibly being part of a trade between PSG and the Italians for Paulo Dybala and an important sum of money.

Barcelona’s loan offer, rejected by PSG.

This was bound to happen regardless of the other clubs interested in the player, it was obvious that PSG wasn’t going to accept a loan deal offer from FC Barcelona.

Le Parisien just reported that the French giants want nothing to do with a loan, which means it’s open season for Neymar.

The clubs that actually have a chance to land the player’s transfer are Real Madrid and Juventus, with the Italian giants having the upper hand because they currently have Paulo Dybala to negotiate.

The Argentine player is proving that he is in top form after his most recent presentations, he just scored a beautiful goal last weekend that made all the headlines around the world.

This present that the Argentina international is having, puts Juventus in a privileged position with PSG.

They know that they can actually make a proper offer to the French club, which leaves Real Madrid as a second option for the Brazilian.

This leaves the player with a huge dilemma, he realized that the Catalan club doesn’t want to make a major effort to sign him and Real Madrid doesn’t look that interested either.

It’s time for Ney to make a decision, playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo might be the best option for him right now.

How would Neymar fit in Juventus?

For starters, he would arrive wearing the number ’10’ jersey if that trade with Paulo Dybala goes through.

We know that Maurizio Sarri already spoke about giving Cristiano Ronaldo a new position on the pitch, he is supposed to be the starring striker.

We have Douglas Costa playing on the right-wing, and this would give Neymar a secured spot as a left-winger.

Sarri would love to take a crack at the challenge of recovering Neymar’s best version, he’s lost it since he suffered the first injury last year.

The Italian manager needs to improve his health in order to do that, but the Juventus board is confident he will return to training soon.

Neymar has a decision to make and the final days of his drama are finally upon us, we might find out about this player’s future before next week comes to an end.

PSG doesn’t want this saga to drag out for much longer, they want to have a complete squad before the next international break begins.

With FC Barcelona almost completely out of the negotiating table, only Real Madrid has a chance to compete against the possible offer from Juventus.

The problem here is that Florentino Perez might not be interested in Neymar’s signing, he isn’t willing to spend the amount of cash that PSG is demanding for the player.

Where will Neymar end up before the transfer deadline? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.