Opinion: Neymar should worry about his fitness first

Rather than keeping busy with his future at PSG, Neymar should start worrying more about his future and then sort out his situation at the club.

Neymar has been linked to an exit from PSG for a while now, he is considered one of the most expensive players in the world but his fitness is of major concern.

As we all know, the Brazilian star suffered three important injuries over the last couple of years already.

The first one he picked up was a fifth metatarsal fracture last year that nearly kept him out of the 2018 World Cup.

The star came back to play for his club this season and he suffered another injury in the same location from the last one.

But Neymar’s bad luck wasn’t over, he just picked up a fresh injury on his right ankle that will prevent him from playing the Copa America this summer.

Worrying about going back to full health should be Neymar’s biggest concern, but his surroundings and people who handle his future appear worried about him staying at PSG.

Recent reports from Diario Sport suggest that the player is currently at odds with the French club’s board of directors.

The report also suggests that Neymar is desperately trying to leave Paris because he wants to play in Spain again.

There is a feeling that the player doesn’t want to remain in this club due to several bad experiences he had over the last two years.

It’s not only the injuries he suffered, but Neymar also went through some unwanted moments that took him to a dark place.

The results of this bad experience are beginning to get noticed by the club, the player is even at odds with some of the players already.

There was an incident that took place right after the Cup final in which Neymar played, the French giants lost against Rennes and many of the PSG players weren’t happy with the Brazilian’s performance.

When all the other players were going up to receive their silver medals, Neymar was spotted in a heated argument with a fan that ended in the player punching the civilian in the face.

Mauro Icardi, Pablo Sarabia, PSG

PSG lose new boys Mauro Icardi & Pablo Sarabia for Lyon trip

Thomas Tuchel confirmed that Paris Saint-Germain have suffered more injury problems with Mauro Icardi and Pablo Sarabia joining Kylian Mbappe on the sidelines.

Another incident that also happened that evening was the player getting into a heated argument with Julian Draxler.

Apparently, Neymar behaved in a very rude manner towards the German playmaker and accused him of only delivering horizontal passes during the final.

The Brazilian was also recorded coming after some of his teammates for lacking the commitment to win the match.

The normal thing that happens after losing a final, is that the disagreements the players have are sorted out inside the locker room but Neymar violated this rule.

This behavior from the player is the main reason why PSG is not happy with him anymore.

Neymar’s relationship with PSG is completely broken.

All these problems that the Brazilian player has with his current club are part of what has PSG quite disappointed with him.

However, this is only one part of the issue that the star has with the squad. We also have the Kylian Mbappe problem, as the French youngster wants to become the leader and Neymar doesn’t like how things have progressed last season.

Initially, PSG has denied any of these alleged problems that have taken place. They usually operate in the same manner all the time.

Whenever something comes out in the press, the club immediately publishes a disclaimer where they categorically deny anything that happens.

The problem with Neymar is that some information that confirms everything just leaked. Julian Draxler spoke to Kicker recently and spoke about his argument with Neymar after the French club denied everything.

“I didn’t agree with him on something, these things can happen with any teammates. However, the whole situation ends up in the press when it happens with Neymar,” said Draxler.

“If you don’t agree, I believe you have to speak up regardless of who you are talking to. The argument was about something that happened during the game.”

“I was angry, the tone went up between us but we stayed calm after it happened. I think it wasn’t that important but that moment showed that we weren’t in the best situation.”

Do you think Neymar should worry more about his future at PSG or his fitness? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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