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Opinion: Neymar will suffer in order to return to Barcelona

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FC Barcelona has agreed to negotiate for Neymar but the player will go through hell before this happens, the PSG chairman won’t let him off that easy.

The situation between FC Barcelona and Neymar is escalating, the Catalan club has agreed to negotiate for the player but there are conditions in the deal.

A report from UOL Esporte suggests that the Spanish giants are willing to go after the Brazilian player if he commits to three specific things.

The first of Barcelona’s demands is very straight forward, they want him to accept a much lower salary upon arrival.

The player currently makes nearly €37 million per season after tax, that is second only to Lionel Messi’s €50 million per season.

The club understands that Neymar wanted to earn as one of the best players in the world, but coming back to Barcelona should mean that he needs to get a massive cut from that wage he perceives at PSG.

The second request from the club is that Neymar drops the lawsuit that he filed against the institution, this happened right after he left to play in France.

The Brazilian claimed that the Catalan club didn’t pay him a €26 million bonus and took the case to court, Barcelona wants that dropped as soon as they start negotiating for him.

And finally, the last request from the club is that Neymar needs to publicly acknowledge that he wants to return to Barcelona.

The constant rumors of the player possibly going to Real Madrid are constant, this is something that the Catalan club wants completely erased by a gesture from the player.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s history with rogue players.

This gesture that Neymar needs to make in public is the most difficult part of all this drama, the player has to deal with Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

The Paris Saint-Germain chairman is ruthless when it comes to proving a point or teaching a lesson to anybody.

The man has a history with players who want to leave the club, he usually makes them suffer too much before considering their exit from the club.

This has become a matter of respect for the chairman, he considers that Neymar disrespected him and the institution.

We can’t help but remember the terrible times that Marco Verratti and Adrien Rabiot went through with Nasser, they both regret going rogue.

In fact, the Italian midfielder decided to remain at the club after he realized that leaving was not the most attractive option for him.

However, the most difficult situation came this season between Al-Khelaifi and Adrien Rabiot.

The French midfielder rejected an offer to renew his contract and this got on the chairman’s bad side.

What followed for Adrien Rabiot was hell on earth, he was taken off the team and he didn’t play a single minute after the incident last season.

Rabiot will sign a contract with a new club this summer, he got away without leaving a single penny at PSG.

A similar situation approaches between the chairman and Neymar over the next couple of months.

The Brazilian player and PSG’s relationship is completely nonexistent at the moment, the club didn’t like his behavior last season and decided to open the exit door for him.

The problem here is that Nasser Al-Khelaifi won’t let his biggest asset leave for a low price, the French giants won’t accept less than €300 million for Neymar.

FC Barcelona obviously doesn’t have that kind of money, but they do have players they can include in the negotiation.

The latest possible deal would have Philippe Coutinho going to PSG to replace Neymar, but the Catalan club would have to pay at least €100 million.

Things seem incredibly difficult for the player and his family, but going back to FC Barcelona is not impossible.

Diario Sport also reported that the Catalan club doesn’t only want Neymar, they will also go after Antoine Griezmann during the summer transfer window.

Mainly what PSG is trying to avoid is losing money in this negotiation, Al-Khelaifi wants all the €222 million he spent for Neymar back in 2017.

The club is dead set on the player leaving this summer, but they are willing to keep him without playing football throughout all of next season if a deal is not reached.

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